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10 Signs That Your Guardian Angel Is Looking After You

By Souls of Silver

Do you think that you feel some supernatural presence around you? You might simply pass it off as hallucination, but it could very well be possible that your guardian angel is looking over you. What could be counted as coincidence, or simply fate, might actually be the actions of your guardian angel. They strive to protect you from any form of danger. They usually remain invisible to the naked eye, but if you can open your third eye and remain in sync with the spiritual realm, you might be able to see them. In any case, you can always feel them, for there are signs.

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Here are 10 signs which would make you believe that you have guardian angels around you: –


All of us have the habit of cloud-gazing. We look up at the sky, imagining those clouds to be in the shape of animals or familiar objects. But sometimes, we might find a cloud which is shaped like someone we know, someone we miss. It could be a human being or it could be your favorite pet, but you do feel like the clouds resemble them. If it is just one lone incident, you can consider it to be a trick of the mind. But if it happens again, it is not a coincidence.


We might think that colors reflect our moods and personalities. But if you are spotting a specific color frequently, and it comes up in the oddest of places, it might be a sign from your guardian angel. For, we might not know, but every guardian angel is associated with a color. And if we keep seeing this color wherever we look, it could be our angels looking after us.

Ears Ringing

Sometimes, we find our ears ringing with a slight buzz. It could be a symptom of a headache or ear problems. But if it is something that doesn’t limit your hearing or doesn’t lead to any pain, it might be something else. It can be messages being transmitted from the spiritual world by your guardian angel.

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Music has always been the instrument to connect two different realms together. So, it is not a surprise that anything you play or any music that you hear will always be connecting you to some region which is beyond your imagination. Music would also relate you to your guardian angel because you might have associated a particular song with someone who is not there anymore. Now, you are walking down the street when you hear that. You might think it to be a coincidence. But walk a little more and you might hear it again. That is eerie.


Basic example- you are walking on the road while being distracted and narrowly escape from being hit by a car. You would thank your lucky stars and be more careful. But what if we told you that it was an angel who saved you? You would probably not believe in it. But what if it happens again? What if this time you fail to reach a location and hear that the location was bombed? Coincidences don’t happen that often.


Butterflies and angels have a weird connection. In cartoons, we see angels with butterfly wings, and many cultures believe that butterflies symbolize the transience of life. Now, after passing away, your loved ones can’t really utilize their physical self. So, they come to this realm as butterflies.


Same as with butterflies, if you see any animal that hangs around you while you are in troubled times and doesn’t leave until you are happy and satisfied, they might simply not be animals. They could be messengers, sent from the spiritual realm, to look after you.

White Feathers

White feathers symbolize purity and innocence. These are two aspects that we always associate with angels. Can you still really distrust the connection?

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We might sometimes notice sparkles of light in our hindsight, but we never really focus on them. This could very well be our guardian angels who are looking out for us.


Sometimes, there are no signs, but you simply feel that there is something around you that you can’t explain. Maybe you would feel loved, safe, warm, cold, or in a situation that would inexplicable but it reminds you of your loved ones. It might be possible that they are right there with you.

All you have to do is broaden your mind to these possibilities. Your guardian angel is looking after you.

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