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Why A Well Empowered Empath Is A Curse For Sociopaths

By Souls of Silver

If you happen to be an empath, it is vital to know and remember that a narcissist and sociopath do not have any power over you. You hold much of the power yourself.

It is important to get rid of the myth that empaths are not as intelligent or smart as narcissists and sociopaths. Surprisingly, empaths are truly intellectually better off than narcissists and sociopaths. It is because empaths are well bolstered in reality, which makes them able to think abstractly and thus, making them creative.

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These traits are the ones which sociopaths as well as narcissists lack.

Creativity and Intellect

Empaths possess the creativity and intellect which can manipulate as well as exploit a narcissist in ways they can absolutely never imagine. It is wrong to assume that just because empaths don’t exploit others, they cannot do so in the first place. Because as far as we’re concerned, they might do a much better job than sociopaths themselves.

Empaths stand on higher moral and ethical grounds than sociopaths and narcissists. So, empaths are above the pettiness to hurt others for some ego boost.

Spotting The Sociopath

The individuals that have never come across sociopaths are not aware of how to identify them. It is usually just the empaths that are able to spot them. Other individuals simply cannot spot them, which is because of the fact that sociopaths are expert manipulators and well versed in deceit, lies, and ways to maintain invisibility.

Contrary to popular belief, sociopaths are not like Jack Nicholson of “The Shining”. They’re usually charming people that are expert actors in maintaining an untouched image of being caring, fun, kind, and popular, which makes them charismatic and desirable. They do not really have authentic feelings, but are masters of showing them. It is from observing others that they learn to imitate habits and become masters of it.

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Plenty of empaths that engage in relationships with sociopaths end up exhausted and miserable since the sociopath sucks out all the emotional energy. It could be an unconscious process for them. Sociopaths just try to fill the void which is within them.

Energy Vampires

Sociopaths are commonly associated with energy vampires. And because empaths have such a huge amount of positive energy, they make very lucrative preys to energy vampires. Energy vampires use empaths to get giant surges in the positive energy of the universe. Normal people won’t be able to provide that.

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As an empath, you are a charger for sociopaths. It is important to understand that you have way more Universe juice than a sociopath can ever consume. You possess ‘inside’ wisdom You have great benefits which make you smarter than everyone out there. It is of no use to stay shut when you are disrespected, it is important to raise your arms and fight! You deserve respect for your superpowers!

You carry the problems and emotions of this planet. Hold it together – someday, you will get what you deserve.

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