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Find Out If Are You A Witch Or Not?

By Souls of Silver

Do you think you are a witch? And before you go into the stigma of it all, remember there is nothing wrong with being one. All it means is that you are more in tune with nature and are actually sure about your identity. This has nothing to do with social climate and antagonism associated with the very word ‘witch’. This is simply you, a human being, forging her own way in this world. And nothing should ever stop you from doing that. But the question stands, are you sure that you are a witch? Have you had any inkling about it?

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Well, let’s find out.

Hates Crowds

If you are some who hates crowds, you might actually be a witch. For, witches feel more composed when around themselves. In a crowd, you would feel an overflow of emotions coming from your surroundings, and that would definitely mess you up.


If you are intuitive, there is a very high chance that you might be a witch. You are able to correctly predict events before they happen, and can actually trust your gut. This also signifies that you are able to tap into the magic around you.

The Afterlife

The afterlife has always been fascinating for you and you have always wondered what happened to those who left this realm. You must have also felt their presence when you looked around you. This meant that you were in touch with higher powers.

Absorbing Energies

You are absorbent of all the energies around you. You could stand in the middle of a forest and can actually suck in every form of energy that swirls around you. And even if you don’t absorb it, you would still be feeling it around you. This shows how attuned you are to these energies.

Dark Arts

The dark arts have always been fascinating to you, not because you want the power that comes with it. Simply because you don’t believe that the world is black and white but instead believe that dark arts can actually be used to heal others. Also, you find that the way to utilize dark arts comes well within what you find normal.


You can understand the vibes other people give out. This makes you someone who knows whom to trust and whom not to. You feel close to people who have the same vibe as you. Also, why you dislike crowds- too many emotions!

Boring, Normal People

You don’t find normal people very interesting. The same, mundane lives, living in monotony for all eternity- doesn’t suit you. You like the thrill, the aura of foreboding as you live your life. You don’t want normalcy.


Silver attracts you more. Gold resembles loudness, brazenness, something which you aren’t. Silver represents the moon, the liquidity of life, which is what you are all about.

Different Is Better

You don’t like anything that is commonplace. You might have the weirdest collection of items, but you would be proud of them because they are different. And do you know why you like them so much? Because you know that YOU are different from the rest!

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Interestingly, you like storms. You like the sudden onrush of wind, rain and thunder as it gives you a thrill. The sheer excitement and adrenaline that cruises through your body that very moment is what you live for.


The lunar cycle is very important to your life and so is the moon. You abide by it and you seem to be getting more powerful as the day sets into night.


Not the Last Airbender, but you might actually be influenced by one or more elemental signs. Now, if that happens, it means you are a witch.


You know how to maximize and use the full range of your senses in order to analyze and understand your surroundings. These actually help you in navigating and living your life. You know how to focus your eyes. Sometimes you would feel your ears zero-ing in on the source of the noise. It is because your sense is much sharper than others.


You are nature oriented. You love greenery, you love gardens, you love trees, and you love flowers. Being around nature makes you powerful.

You Simply Know

This is the most important of them all. You just know that you are one.

So, are you convinced that you are a witch after all!

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