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Know How to Handle Emotional Manipulation

We have always confronted a situation when our friends were dating someone whom we hated from our very core. You could observe that the partner was cunning and emotionally manipulative but you could not help your friend as he/she was crazy in love. When we talk about emotional manipulation, it is distinct when it happens with your close ones but difficult when your own partner is pulling the strings in your life. 

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We will talk about the various existing forms of emotional manipulation and the symptoms that you can observe. We will drop in some solutions that will help you avoid such exhaustion.

What is Emotional Manipulation?

emotional manipulation

Manipulation can be defined as actions that a person demonstrates to control others in a harmful way. When it comes to psychological manipulation, the toxic partner pressurizes the other to change his/her behaviors by applying a deceptive tactic. Emotional Manipulation is just like the former where extreme emotional reactions are triggered to drain the other’s energy or their emotions.

Signs of Emotional Manipulation.

  1. Gaslighting

    It is a tactic implemented to dissociate your logic or gut instincts from yourself. If you feel that you are questioning yourself in every situation, that is a sign that someone else is pulling your strings.

  2. Extreme emotional relationships

     The toxic partner will allure the other with a passionate and intense connection to maintain dominance. He will keep the other disoriented and distracted by promising good times and will do what he pleases in the present.

  3. Fear of abandonment

    If you ever go through a situation where you have to choose between something or your partner, then there is a huge chance that you are being manipulated. Fear of abandonment might feel natural in a relationship, but it is easy to distinguish between a healthy compromise and emotional manipulation.

  4. The feeling in your guts

     Our gut feelings are due to the enteric nervous system in our intestines. They play a huge role in assessing threats and dropping in sensory cues to warn us. You should listen to your gut in appraising emotional manipulation.

  5. Sense of Insecurity

     The abusers often use the other’s weaknesses against them. He will sharpen your fears and make you feel bad about everything just to make you feel complacent.

  6. Overdependence

    Isolation or co-dependence is a major sign of emotional manipulation. He will dissociate you from your friends, family, and co-workers to force your dependence on himself. Also, he may also create a shield for himself by getting closer to your family and friends. He will offer support and trust to them, but that is just a move in his game of chess, and your family, unfortunately, are the pawns.

  7. Constant comparisons

    If you feel that you are compared to others in every aspect, you are being emotionally manipulated. You will feel inadequate and try to compete against others to gain the abuser’s love. The abuser will thrive on such behaviors and gain control over your emotions.

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Some Tactics used by Manipulators:

emotional manipulation

  • Gaslighting.
  • Pushing boundaries
  • Ghosting and lies will be observed frequently
  • No empathy
  • Mood swings
  • Love bombing.

Solutions on dealing with Emotional Manipulation

  1. Create proper boundaries

     Establish your boundaries firmly and do not tolerate any kind of ill-treatment. Do not let your partner push your boundaries under any circumstances. Find out what you need and build sustainable boundaries.

  2. Walk away when you feel like it

     Walk away from any situation that can cause you harm or dissatisfaction. If your partner accepts your boundaries then you can move forward with them. Otherwise, start thinking about yourself leaving them aside.

  3. Talk to a professional

    Do not feel shy or ashamed to talk to a trained therapist. You can learn new communication tools with their help and imbibe respect for each other in a relationship. 

  4. Listen to your gut 

    Always listen to your gut when you feel confused after an episode. Feel free to distance yourself when you feel emotionally or psychologically extinguished. Your own happiness is what matters the most.



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