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If You Have Been Ghosted – This Is How You Move On

By Souls Of Silver

Our heart usually feels so heavy when we develop a deep connection with someone and start expecting from that connection. It means a lot to our hearts. When we are ghosted without any explanation, our heart ends up being miserable. And when it is all filled with pain and misery, we don’t seem to find any closure. Many questions arise in our minds and heart. 


Being Ghosted And Dating Online 

The dating concept in this modern world has a whole different take. It is almost like shopping around and looking for different options. And by this shopping concept, all the values, potential, and morale of an individual are diminished. For example, if you are given only two options to choose from, you will have a lot of value for both of them while choosing the right person. 

Also when you have a lot of options around you, you are not afraid to walk out of that relationship. Because you always have that one thought in the back of your mind that you will always find someone else.

In the early times, there was no such thing as “online dating”. Two people used to meet each other by being introduced by their friends, relatives, etc. But nowadays, all it takes is to stalk that person first, start talking, casually meeting, and blocking them right away from every social media platform possible. 


For some people closures are hard. Because it has such intensity of emotions, responsibilities, bitter truths. It can affect a person so much that some people just decide not to give any closure and leave them behind in the dark. But isn’t this wrong? Isn’t this unkind that one is left in the weight of darkness and with so many unanswered questions? How will that feel to someone?


It is not easy being ghosted by someone whom you loved the most, with someone you saw future dreams with. And especially when you are unclear about anything, many questions hover over your mind and heart. This is why ghosting can be difficult for you. You tend to give yourself your conclusions and your closures. 

Emptiness makes you start to have questions about your existence and why things turned out the way they did. You start doubting yourself and in the end, you get lost between the sea of questions that doubt your existence. 

But you are much more than that. 

Start Loving Yourself

Remind yourself that you deserve a lot better than you were treated. You don’t have to question if you are being loved or not, or chosen or respected. Always stay open and never close yourself off to the beautiful world. Past experiences do not define your future expectations. If you were ghosted, not treated well, neither respected nor loved; that does not mean that you will never be loved or respected. 

Sometimes not getting what you want is the best of your luck.

Being ghosted is a phenomenon that filters people out for you. Because it teaches us in a way which might be hard, that, the person because of whom we were depressed, sad or anxious about was meant to be filtered out because such people haven’t met themselves yet to meet us fully. 

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Some people unsee the good things within us, and instead, they choose flightiness, or walking out, running away from the problems which need to be solved together. This capacity of theirs fails them to meet with good people and have something meaningful further.

Heal From Being Ghosted

It is time to give yourself the closure you so deeply want from people who ghosted you. You eventually have to change your mind from the experience you’ve had. Because you cannot change the people and the way they left you. We all deserve goodness and kindness with our hearts. We deserve empathy, we deserve respect and dignity.

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And right now, even if your heart is filled with all the sorrows and pain that you’ve had, it’s okay to feel things. You are allowed to be sad. It is completely okay to take your own time. Because after you come out strong, there is a beautiful world waiting for you. A person who can hold your hand and make your heart feel warm.



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