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7 Things To Remember When Your Power Of Self-Love Seems Low

By Souls of Silver

We love to whip ourselves, to despise everything that we do or stand for. We don’t know if it is born out of a sense of low self-esteem or is it because we set too high a bar for ourselves. Even praise by our peers isn’t enough to halt this relentless pursuit of reasons to hate the self.

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Despicable Me

Certain societal norms are, at times, the trigger for such abhorrence. Like when you do not tie the knot at a “marriageable age”, or when you do not earn as much as our peers, or do not have a certain social standing. And you are always on the lookout for reasons and ways to despise yourself, the good part hating the bad part. You consign to the trashcan all the good that is inherent in you or, more alarmingly, keep fishing within for reasons to hate yourself.

1. My Nemesis Isn’t Me After All

There is an enormous burden of self-doubt, loathing, and hopelessness in dragging yourself down, and chocking out any chance you have to discover personal happiness. You make conscious efforts to keep such thoughts out of your mind, and you totally forget that there is so much to love and admire in the self. Living in a sea of self-alienation, you look for a chance to reenter into a meaningful life. Give self-love a chance!

2. Everywhere You Look, You See Another Yourself

Every time you compare yourself to someone you perceive as better than you, you are also reminded that that very person is perhaps comparing themselves to another person. Let us look at others with understanding and compassion rather than making them a yardstick to measure self-failures.

3. Question Your Thoughts

Just because it has entered your mind doesn’t mean that it is right. And it is even truer in case of the negative and dark and despicable ones. Learn to treat them with the same disdain that you would a pest.

4. The Right Shall Triumph

You are the sum of your rights and wrong, but as long as you are alive, the good and honest in you will always outnumber the bad and the despicable. Whenever the mind turns to thoughts of despair, focus on what is right with your world. You are still alive and able to forge a new path for yourself with care and self-love.

5. Love In The Time Of Despair

We are the least receptive to love when we are in the depths of despair. Feelings of shame, anger, and utter hopelessness can make it difficult to be open to love and understanding. But that is exactly what we need in times such as these.

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6. Do Not Discard Yourself In The Quest For The New

Each step up the mountain is only possible if you have firmly implanted the previous step into the ground. And life is just as tedious and deliberate. Where you stand now will decide your next step. Accept the person you are and only then can you think of moving onto something new. Peace and satisfaction will surely follow if there is acceptance and self-love.

7. Keep The Wheels Rolling

Make movement your primary goal, perfection will surely come later. Be glad of what you have achieved rather than contemplate what is left to be done. The journey will feel a wee bit easier. The journey itself has been an achievement. Go easy on yourself for the mistakes committed and instead pat yourself for having come this far.

A Journey On The Road Of Hate Leaves You Stranded

Belittling what you have achieved so far will not make the road ahead any easier. Being despondent that you could have done a lot more will not make you achieve even more in the future. Berating yourself will not make your worthy of more love. Just learn to love yourself wherever you may be standing. Trust your ability. Love and welcome your aspiration with open arms.

So next time you feel like you are not good enough, look around you. See how many love you and how many make you feel loved. Self-love is the way to go.

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