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Narcissist- The Crux Of Complications 

By Souls of Silver

Narcissists are a lot of things, but simple isn’t one of them. Coordinating with a narcissist is a nightmare. Things proceeding smoothly with them is only as frequent as Halley’s comet. 

Narcissists love to dominate group proceedings. They render situations difficult for reaching the common ground or compromising. They are armed with conflict and drama in their arsenal, raising chaos wherever they go. 

Why is it so? Let’s inspect together, shall we?

Refusal To Follow The Herd

Narcissists lack empathy. They don’t consider the consensus of the group. Most people go for what the group favors to keep harmony intact. But narcissists’ prime focus is their sole satisfaction unless they are in the mood to impress someone. This brews conflict in groups. A strong sense of resentment between the group and the narcissists scorches wildly.

Running From Responsibilities

Narcissists deem themselves too important to bear the load of responsibilities. They think they embody the meaning of perfection. So they avoid signing up for positions where they can go wrong and break their delusion of perfection.

They scout methods to push it on others’ plates. So if things went south, they could transfer the blame on someone. Narcissists turn a blind eye to help even when they are getting crushed. They are too deep in denial to accept the reality of the situation. 

Never Addressing The Real Issue Of Narcissism


There’s no resolution in discussing things with a narcissist. They’ll either shift the focus of the subject, antagonize or blame you in a crude argument. They will look away from the real issue at all costs. Narcissists nurture intense delusions of embodying perfection. So they don’t engage in conversations that could potentially shatter it. They avoid the real issues to not be held responsible for their actions. 

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Narcissist’s Shrouded Agendas 

Narcissists have secret agendas under the radar which is often their sole focus rather than present matters. This directs them towards making some seemingly uncanny choices.

Their agenda could range anything from spewing rumors on people,  dominating the group, and feeding their imaginary superior status.  Narcissists often act illogically. But they battle hard for domination. This breaks loose all hell. 

Narcissists get bored to tears when things go smoothly with harmony and peace. Narcissists sometimes try to drive things into chaos. They might rile someone up by pushing their sensitive buttons. Or pitting people against each other to warm their hands on the drama.

Narcissists adore drama. Bending things into a mess and creating toxic situations distract them from their real issues. 

Complexity Equals Intellectuality For A Narcissist

Narcissists are not usually interested in the significance of a message. They strive to impress. As such, they convolute even the simplest of explanations. This serves the sole purpose of making them seem intelligent by exaggerating the elements. 

They feel in control by manipulating the events. Also, people are more compelled to agree in the chaotic confusion. 

Altering Plans To Display Dominance Of Narcissist


Narcissists love establishing control over situations by bending the events. They distort well-organized plans into chaos. Creating uncertainty and plunging plans into disarray. The narcissist assumes control before the dust settles and no one’s the wiser. Altering things suits their agendas pristinely. 

The Narcissist Not Adhering To Time 

Narcissists do not have a care for how their unpunctuality affects others. For them, they are the most important, so everyone else should await their presence. They then defend themselves by putting on a spoiled mood, signaling to not mess with them.

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To tie a neat ribbon on this article, narcissists don’t account for much empathy, so others’ needs are too trivial for their attention. Narcissists are also exploitative as they constantly attempt to trick you, manipulate you, and get things their way. 



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