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If You Are An Empath, Protect Yourself-Here’s Why

By Souls of Silver

Empaths and people who are sensitive have been coping with tremendous negative energy at this moment. You are probably more often than not, down in the dumps. There are days when you feel like not getting out of the bed. And you simply cannot figure out why you can’t stop obsessing over the traumatic episodes from your past.

Energy Shift in Universe

There is a huge energy shift going on in the universe currently. People like you, who are sensitive to energy flows are bound to get affected by it. With the series of eclipses and Mercury in retrograde, flashbacks into unresolved issues from the past are inevitable.

The shifts in the energy have come with a cosmic purpose. This looking back, however painful, is important for us to clear the emotional blocks holding us back. This will help us move forward to a higher vibration and consciousness.

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Energies of Empathy

Many people, however, are choosing not to introspect. They are happily unloading their negativity on others, and as an empath, you are bound to absorb their frustrations.

It is quite possible that you cannot tell your own emotions from that of others, mostly your family and friends who are intimate with you. Such a strong karmic emotional bond inevitably allows their unsolved negativities to invade your energy field.

So, ask yourself these questions to find out if the sentiments that are bearing you down are even yours at all, in the first place.

  1. Do these feelings seem normal to the way you are used to thinking?
  2. Have you never thought of hurting anyone before unlike now?
  3. Are you brimming with bitterness?
  4. Do they come in flashes and leave you angry?
  5. Can you recall any person who holds grudges against you?

If these are all true for you, chances are likely that you are living energies of others around you. Make sure you boost up the protection means you use when you are around such people.

Are They Your Own?

We also bring you questions to find out if your emotions have emerged from your own past, probably childhood when events and scares leave the strongest imprint or a past life.

  1. Do you feel childish for the turmoils you are feeling?
  2. Do these emotions ring the bell about a past event?
  3. Have you felt these emotions about different people?
  4. Have you felt abuse or trauma as a child which you had repressed deep inside?

If this is the case, you need to look back into your childhood. Just follow your intuition and discover what is causing this negativity. You need not dwell in the memory, discovery helps you let the pain go.

Do not hold grievances as more often than not people had no idea how they were hurting you. This is the time to forgive and move on to a higher state of mind.

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How to Protect Your Energy as an Empath?

If you are already in a mess with your own issues, you surely don’t need emotions of others piling up on you. So, make sure your aura is well inside a fortress.

I am sure as an empath on the receiving end of bombarding vibes from others, you have already built a process to protect you. But, if that method is not helping you, there is a need for change.

Our bodies and energy fields tend to get used to whatever methods we use over time. Like antibiotics, overuse tends to breed resistance. Therefore, make sure that you keep changing your psychic methods from time to time. This does not mean you cannot come back to your favourite method sometime soon.

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Thus, this eclipse save yourself from others’ negativities pestering you so that you can deal with your own pent up issues and release your karmic burden!



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