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4 Ways To Self-Heal Holistically

By Souls of Silver

Are you suffering from mysterious back pains that doctors cannot diagnose? No matter what, your stomach problems never go away? It’s time to move beyond the body and dig into some soul-searching! Self-healing is today acknowledged as a breakthrough in alternative medicine.

Practitioners of holistic healing believe that the soul has all the ingredients to cure your ailments. For the soul is as ancient as creation. It has been in this universe much longer than your body and mind.

It is also the repository of higher knowledge of the world. You are as yet unaware of its powers because you are trained to listen to your mind and ignore your intuitions.

Here are 4 techniques which help you connect with your soul and the wisdom of the universe through it.

1. Let Your Soul Self-Heal

The roots of your ailment often lie in emotional blockages that are hidden in your soul. You can discover these reasons by conversing with your soul and asking for cues from it.

It is not as hard as it sounds. Talk to yourself. Ask your soul what you wish to know and calm down. Take a break for 3 minutes and then try again.

Your soul will send answers through dreams, or synchronicity. You can also try auto-journalling. You can also notice a shift in your self-talk which will come from a state of higher consciousness. It is one of the best ways of coming to know your true self and solve your problems.

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2. Listening To The Body

The body itself is a means of holistic healing. By this, we mean your subtle body or aura which is made up of energy. The secret of a healthy body and mind is the right balance between your mind and soul.

When something disrupts this balance, the energy flow in our subtle body is blocked. This manifests in the form of physical and mental distress.

Be it Yoga, breath-training or tai-chi, all of these ancient treatments train you in postures of hand and body to ease out the energy blockages. Therefore, the balance between the soul and your mind is restored. This  also attunes you to a higher vibration.

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3. Creative Visualization

Besides the body and soul, the mind too has the strength of curing itself. You need only be aware of the tremendous power of your thoughts. You must be aware of the fact that our thoughts and their vibrations can shape our realities.

With the process of creative visualization, you can use the power of your imagination to train yourself to let go of unpleasant emotions and achieve your desired goals. Techniques like meditation and self-hypnosis help the mind to enhance its focusing ability.

Creative visualization can thus, teach your mind to believe that it can heal your body. You need only focus on the image of your illness going away. This method works wonders when it comes to healing wounds and pain.

If you have heard of the placebo effect, where a powerless medicine helps you heal your condition, know that this is nothing but the mindfulness process in action.

4. The Power of Sounds   

That the vibration of sounds has immense potential to heal has been mentioned in the Vedic tradition of Nada Yoga. Nada or the primal sound heals energy imbalance in the body. Alongside that, it also contributes to spiritual consciousness, as it attunes the listener to the higher frequencies.

Soul healers opine that there is a constant transaction of energy around the cells of our body. As our cells contract, the matter in the cells transforms into energy in the spaces outside the cells. Again as they expand, the energy inhaled by cells reconverts into matter.

Cell theorists feel that both excess and lack of energy in the cells is responsible for illnesses.

This energy flow can be harmonized as we listen to natural sounds like the rustling of leaves, songs of birds etc. Chants like Om and binaural beats too can help restore the energy balance.

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If you practice either of the methods listed above, not only can you cure your energy blockages but also come in contact with your soul.

As they raise the vibration of your thoughts and body, you can use these methods for a positive mindset and evolving spiritually!



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