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This Is Why You Should Not Be Sorry For Putting Self Before Others

By Souls of Silver

For how long have you been letting your dreams die because your parents will disapprove? Are you a slave of habits you detest just to please your friends? Do you realize that you have dismal level of self-esteem due to this?If so, then let go today and take charge of your life.Only then is emotional and spiritual growth possible. For, it is your life and you should never be guilty about putting yourself before anyone else.

Read on to know why.

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Your Life is Unique

Every one of us have unique lives and the purpose of our lives is to keep improving ourselves into better versions of what we are. If in the process, you continue to please other people, live on a life in terms of their expectations, you will have lost out on the precious moments when you could have pursued your dreams and led a fulfilling life.

Sooner or later, you will wake up to the fact that you do not have a life of your own. You might also have the feeling that you have been living someone else’s life!

Some People are Bad For Your Personal Growth

So, be fearless today and focus on your improvement. You are probably scared that if you hold your own, people close to you may not like you. You fear that they might abandon you, leaving you alone.

Here’s the deal! All of us wish for stability and security in our lives and our friend circle and family represent that stability. But however uncomfortable change may be, it is what growth means. As you continue to grow, some people will move out of your life. Let them go.

For, you need to surround yourself with people who will support you in your growth and create the proper ambience for you to evolve. Some people on the other hand, prefer to resist change and will discourage you at every stage, even taking care to pull you down. Such people are not worth listening to.

People who love you genuinely will stick around you and help you improve even if that makes them uncomfortable.

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Take Time Away From Relationships

If you wish to be truly happy, you need to do the things that you are passionate about. Instead when you seek pleasure from satisfying others, you crave their company, you may become clingy. Then when such people leave you, you end up devastated. Your self-worth will be in disarray and you will feel you are not good enough.

Also, relationships require you to invest a lot of time and compromise. Adjust, by all means but do not let any relationship stand between you and your dreams. For nothing is more important than your relationship with yourself.

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So, stop bothering about what others think of you. Take the reins of your life today and never say sorry for being you!



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