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Spiritually Gifted People Have These Special Traits

By Souls of Silver

We are all spiritual beings. However, just like talents are different in different people, spirituality is different for all of us. There are certain people who are spiritually gifted and they are sensitive to different aspects or things. Being a spiritually gifted person can be hard as it is a difficult gift since it deals with vibration levels and energy. You might be a spiritually gifted person if you have the following traits:

1. The Moon Affects You

When there are special lunar phases, you are especially affected by it. During the full moon, you can feel the powerful lunar energy coming your way and during the New Moon, you are willing to plant different ideas. During these periods, you really find your body in the middle of an energy confluence and you really can’t sleep because of that.

2. Nostalgia During The Witching Hour

The witching hour is the time between 3 am and 4 am. During this time, it might be difficult for spiritually gifted people to get some sleep. If you are finding it frustrating then try to meditate and stay calm.

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3. Bonding With Animals

Animals have a spiritual side too and sometimes this spiritual side of animals is much stronger than that of humans. This is because animals have not been contaminated by different kinds of ideas that removes us from the spiritual path. But as a spiritual person, you can connect easily with animals since you can feel their positive spiritual energy. Also, the animals can also feel your positive aura and so they interact with you without trying to cause you any harm.

4. Making An Impact On Everything Around You

When you are a spiritual person, you have the ability to reflect your aura on everything around you. As a result, you have a major influence on how the world around you is working and functioning. Due to this major impact on the world around you, your bad mood can make the garden grow slower than usual and can upset your pets. However, when you are happy, you can actually observe the opposite happening all around you as if everything has become joyous.

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5. Strangers Start Liking You

There are many people who are in dire assistance of spiritual and emotional support though they may not reveal it on their own. This want occurs deep in their subconscious level and so they may not recognize it. But when they come in contact with your energy then they are subconsciously attracted to it. While it might seem strange at first, try not to judge it negatively. They are probably there because they need your help and your energy is the only help that they can get.

6. The Weather Affects You

You probably know this already, but the weather has a strong effect on you. Spiritually gifted people have the ability to understand the weather and how it changes. Hence, you are probably able to tell when the rain might fall even if you have not gone through the weather reports. Since spiritually gifted people are so well connected with nature, they have this special ability to be a part of it. They understand it deeper than most of us can possibly do.

7. They Understand Others

Spiritually gifted people have the ability to understand people. Since they deal with energy and vibrations, they can easily tap into vibes and interpret it. Hence, if there is a lot of negative vibes that has brought you down, then a spiritually gifted person can easily understand it. If they are kind enough, they might try to lift you up as well.

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If you have any of these characteristics, then you might be a spiritually gifted person. You might have a lot on your plate since you are dealing with so many energy transactions, but don’t get tired. Rather, take it slowly and practice to become an expert of your gift.

If you think you are a spiritually gifted person, then share this article and spread the good news among friends and family.



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