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These Symptoms Show That You Suffering From Emotional Exhaustion

By Souls of Silver

Psychological burnout happens to a lot of us without fully realizing it. This is a prolonged state of anxiety that has the potential to cause a lot of damage, if not identified and treated.

Burnout can be caused in the event that you have been through an extended period of stress. It might have been due to a significant life crisis, relationship stress or problems in your professional life. This reasoning might seem vague but it is certainly very authentic. There are several indicators of emotional burnouts that are important to look out for and keep in check. Ignoring these issues can cause a variety of problems on the physical as well as mental well-being, if left abandoned.

Being burnt-out emotionally refers to the feeling of powerlessness. This occurs when life is seemingly being lived on “autopilot”. It means to live without feeling or thinking too much. It is living life thinking that it is pointless and you are not bothered about it.

As per Deborah Offner, a clinical psychologist, emotional exhaustion is a certain condition which includes the physical manifestations of fatigue, such as headaches, fatigue, change in appetite, and sleep difficulties. It is also a very distinctive psychological state of low motivation, helplessness, hopelessness, and frustration. Emotional fatigue is a lot broader in its implications as well as its longevity. It includes several psychological and physical symptoms caused due to substantial and continued stress in the personal or professional lives of individuals. This can be a part of or the predecessor to burnout.

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It is important to know that we as humans have limitations to how many contingencies we can face. In case you realize that you are under high levels of stress for prolonged periods of time, you should look out for these symptoms:

1. Pessimism, Irritated, and Feeling Down

Dr. Offner also maintains that emotional fatigue can cause different effects in several ways. The psychological result that long-term acute stress can lead to anxiety or depression either directly or due to the occurrence of some of its symptoms. Things such as disruptions in sleep can make us susceptible to both anxieties as well as depression.

2. Emotional Numbness Is Also A Symptom

Detachment or numbness are strong indications that stress is exerting quite an influence on your psychological health. Authentic emotional fatigue, or burnout, is beyond just experiencing a bad day. If emotional numbness and disconnection are very pertinent, then it’s a symbol that there are major distressing factors in your life right now. It is ideal to seek help from a reputed therapist to solve these problems.

3. You Do Not Feel Motivated

Motivation might take a toss out the window when you’re suffering through emotional exhaustion. Your energy stash is definitely being sucked out by the burnout. Now, you’re suddenly experiencing a lack of enthusiasm in the job, projects, or the relationship(s).

4. Feeling Like A Letdown Is Also Possible

Hopelessness, helplessness, and feeling trapped are the key indications of emotional fatigue.

Burnout individuals are likely to feel that that they have no contributions left to make. Over that, they experience a sense of anxiety when it comes to work or relationships. Emotional fatigue has the ability to make you feel that even putting your best foot forward is ineffective. It leaves you feeling powerless as a consequence.

5. You Are Tired To The Core

By definition, emotional exhaustion can be draining on several levels. People experiencing emotional exhaustion may feel entrapped in their situations. It is important to consult a doctor in case stress is beginning to affect the day to day physical functioning of your body.

6. Concentrating Is Impossible

Emotional exhaustion can also lead to a common occurrence known as brain fog, as per Dr. Offner. Burnout can have serious implications on the cognitive abilities of an individual. It can affect your attention and focus. There might be trouble in making plans and remembering things.

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It might be that you are suffering from this state. The first priority should be your health. So, if you are suffering from emotional exhaustion, then contact a therapist or seek out a friend who would support you.

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