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This Aries Season Keep Going Forward

By Souls of Silver

The new moon this time happened on the first sign of the zodiac: the ever-determined warlike sheep Aries.

This will be the time to rediscover your inner child, how you used to be and scale it by comparing it with your current state. This is also the time to see how your inner child has healed from your past wounds.

Wounds can be healed; what makes these worse is that people fall into labyrinthine patterns, thanks to old trauma.

These things make them susceptible to the same pains as they grow through life.

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The Aries new moon took place on the fifth of April, 2019.

The Child Warrior

This is the time to pursue things we let go because we were too scared. This is the time to hug and pat our inner child and make him/her listen to your bidding. You need to go where you could never even imagine reaching.

This will help you gain back the confidence and strength of the child you were.

Children are naturally fearless and curious. It is only through inculcation by parents and later, the institutionalized education that they become afraid and lose their strong auras.

Now, you must let the energies into your life and let them heal you. Or you might be running the risk of making them malevolent, which, in turn, can make things far more difficult in life; far more than they really are or should be.

We must take this opportunity to heal the war within. Only when the waters of your mind are absolutely calm can we really see what’s inside.

Accepting Aries Energy

Aries is ruled by the feisty planet Mars, the god of War. Since the red planet will influence the dark moon, it might provide us with fuel for arguments and behaviors beyond our explanation: almost like a Jekyll-Hyde story.

This also means that there is a full possibility of inner and outer conflict. Especially you, choosing to be a confrontational person, arguing with people and making life hard for yourself.

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This is also when you should not be defensive. This is the time to be open and confiding because more often than not, people find out things about themselves more frequently from others and their behavior towards them than just by themselves. After all, this is the age of social media and corporate lifestyle. Not a conducive environment for you to spend hours and days meditating under a tree, ‘searching for answers’.

Since this will be, in general, an emotionally trying time, it is high time you also encounter your fears about the eternal question, ‘am I going to make it?’

This question can take many forms, each different from the last one. It’s time you let your inner child and its hidden courage take the steering wheel. Let it guide you on a path that actually answers your question in an enthusiastically affirmative tone: ‘YES, YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU WILL MAKE IT.’

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