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Saturn And Pluto Alignment: Get Ready For An Energy Shift

By Souls of Silver

Saturn is the most recognizable planet of all in the solar system and in our astrological annals. It rarely meets Pluto, thanks to the sheer difference in their revolution cycles.

But, whenever they do, the effects are pretty interesting to watch and feel.

They are scheduled to be in conjunct next year, i.e. 2020 and the effects will be far-reaching and intense in nature. Chances are that this Saturn and Pluto alignment and its effects have already started to show.

The most recognizable sign will be chaos: in the smallest of ways, things will fail to fall into patterns.

The date: January 12th, 2020. The date will be groundbreaking for us all, in one way or the other.

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In case you are wondering, it takes Pluto and Saturn 34 long years to come to a position in which realignment is possible.

The Saturn And Pluto Alignment – Energy

Like I said, the effects might have started already: patterns which help us form a routine and survive will fail if we aren’t already. The coming months will kind of have to be productive at work, because it is time you buck up and put in some extra hours. These rare energies are not to be wasted.

The constellation powering this encounter will be none other than Capricorn. Capricorn always has a reinventing attitude towards life and everything it perceives. This will also be a charging theme for the astrological encounter.

The energy shifts alongside reality changing at every nook and corner will make things difficult to solve and analyze and this might just frustrate you, with patience being on an all-time low.

Hence, this is where your free will comes into play even more powerfully than you would think. You will have to be even more patient than usual because everyone, including you, is facing the same energy shifts and transitions as you are.

Expect extra responsibilities with little or no time in excess of what was given to you initially.

The lack of time and the general sense of frustration will take another kind of toll. You will or might lose a hobby that was very close to your heart and you might be missing out on much-needed alone or family time.

Your choices will be oriented around revaluating things in your life, fixing your bare necessities, and throwing out the rest.

Be ruthless and practical and take your time while doing this.

Change And Choices

Change is constant! As a matter of fact, if change didn’t occur, we wouldn’t be here at all. Acceptance can only go so far and this phase of transition will be one of evolving.

Of course, no change is exactly easy to accept or get used to at first. Perseverance and patience will be the keys here.

The things that these changes will appear to take away from you should be on your priority list.

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Spend more time cultivating that hobby of yours. If you don’t get time, make time by hook or by crook in order to spend time with yourself and your family.

Do what it takes to be happy and nothing can possibly stand in your way.

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