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The Sound Of Music And How It Can Heal You

By Souls of Silver

Music is the language of the soul and sounds are the basic constituents of music – there is nothing that can disprove it. We do not need science to tell us how sounds can affect our body, mind, and soul. In fact, it can be said that music, which is composed of sounds, is one of the greatest forms of art which speaks to us internally and creates an impact on something present inside of us. As human beings, we have a deep connection with sounds. And it makes sense too – we send out vibrations into the universe and we receive it. All of it speaks at a certain frequency. Music has a frequency too – it’s natural that it will affect us.

What Do Frequencies Do?

Frequencies of sounds can have a positive or negative effect on our body. Specific frequencies can have specific meaning and can make our brains respond in a certain way. While many can cause us anxiety, some frequencies may help us focus on our jobs better or soothe us from within. Frequency experiments were done on water and since we are largely made of water, it stands to reason that these experiments would have a similar effect on us. Sound and frequencies can also heal us.

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Some of the surprising findings of the effects of frequencies are:-

440 Hz

This is the kind of frequency that is known to cause detrimental effects on the human mind. It can cause the fall of our creative side and can make us feel negative about our lives and the surroundings that we live in.

396 Hz

This is a positive frequency that can help all of us in our lives. When you are in the presence of this frequency you will no longer be terribly sad or depressed about anything. It is because all your sadness will be transformed into joy and any fear will be removed when 396 Hz reaches your ears.

417 Hz

This is the frequency that signals change. If you had a traumatic experience and have become stuck in that trauma, finding no way to get out of it, then this is the frequency that you need. It will bring the necessary changes that you need in your life and help you move forward. Hence, sound of this frequency can heal you from a traumatic experience.

528 Hz

This is the natural frequency of the earth. As a result, you can understand that it is quite a beneficial one. When nature has provided this frequency, it must have some use in our body. Well, this helps in repairing our DNA and can also push us towards spiritual and physical transformations that are needed in our lives. It has been known as a water purifier too. Imagine how this sound frequency can heal you!

638 Hz

Communication is the key to this frequency. It helps you with strengthening your communication, to develop new bonds and empowering your speech. It helps to build interpersonal relationships.


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741 Hz

This frequency is very useful for the body. It cleanses the body and helps to remove all kinds of toxins from it. As a result, you will have a healthier and purer life.

852 Hz

Your intuition will be stronger when you are in the presence of this frequency. It will give you a balance between your inner-self and outer-self.

963 Hz

This is the frequency that will hit the ‘reset’ button in your body and bring you back to your previous state. Now, if you had strayed away from your path, then you can come back to it and face the light.

432 Hz

This is an important frequency and is one of the most consistent ones. When you combine it with the natural frequency of 528 Hz, you get an all-around healing of body, mind, and spirit.

528 Hz and 432 Hz are essential frequencies of sound that will help our mind and body to heal and grow in a positive way. These frequencies help in rejuvenation and increase your level of optimism. If you sleep with any of these positive frequencies playing in the background, you can have a great day ahead.

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