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Embrace The Change In You With This Aquarius New Moon Ritual

By Souls of Silver

February is going to be the month of relief, respite, and happiness for all burdened souls. The energy that this new moon will bring right at the beginning is going to make all hopes fly high and reduce spiritual and temporal stress.

This will be the optimal time for goal-setting, both on a personal and career-oriented level.

This will also be the time to be Machiavellian, the time to plan and reach out for things out of your comfort zone.

You might think things are way beyond your reach, but really, they are not.

You might lack the spiritual energy to deal with things, but the energies of this Aquarian new moon might change things.

The new moon happens tomorrow and the energies that you need to harness start manifesting with it.

Take hold of the reins of your life and start unburdening your own mind, because that is how you do things better in the future.

This month, carry this Aquarius New Moon ritual out in order to keep things uncomplicated and to stay on the top of things.

The Aquarius New Moon ritual is best carried out within the coming week i.e. from 4th to 11th February.

List of necessary things:

A smudging tool, like bells, fumigants or essential oils;


Bowl of water;

Pen and paper;

Crystal of choice.

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How to:

First, smudge your aura till it is cleansed of all impure thoughts. The secret is not just the smoke or fumigants. It is actually about how you actively rid yourself of all impure thoughts using your will. Even one negative thought can destroy the ritual.

It often helps if you pray while you smudge, being thankful to the universe and its energies for cleansing you.

As you do this, invite said energies to join you on the cleansing quest and to help you.

Second, calm yourself down by meditating. Use your crystal of choice to help you calm down.

Noting It All Down

Third, after calming down, write out what you want. Go crazy and ask for the first thing that comes to your mind. As you do so, make sure you do not hesitate.

Fold the paper.

Next, take another sheet and write down 5-10 things that you will do in order to achieve your dream/goal.

This should comprise even the smallest and most manageable of promises, like the promise to stop eating junk food (if you want to be healthier).

Then, take a third piece of paper and write the things that stop you. It can be habit or just plain weakness.

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Make sure to include ALL the obstacles in your path.

Now, as you pray to the universe to help you overcome these obstacles, rip the obstacle sheet in long shreds.

Take each individual shred and while you pray, burn them in the candle flame. As the paper strips get too hot to touch, douse it in the bowl of water.

Write a thank you note to the universe after you are done.

Now, put the candle off and meditate for five more minutes.

Now, remember the sheet in which you wrote what you can do?

Take that and tape it to your wall, the wall you look at first thing in the morning.

Use it as a reminder everyday as you strive harder than usual to beat unhealthy habits and become a better, more successful version of your older self.

May this Aquarius New Moon Ritual go flawless for you.

Happy new moon!

If you really want to do this Aquarius New Moon ritual, then share this article with your friends and family so that they can feel the new moon energy too.



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