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The Power Of Healing Meditation: Focus Your Mind For Dramatic Results 

By Souls of Silver

When our mind is allowed to be calm and alert, intense healing can take place. The impact of healing meditation incisively cuts through your mind and restores and rebuilds in a way that no medicine can. It is one of the strongest forces of nature, one that heals and rejuvenates.

Healing meditation takes care of every part of our body, mind, soul, heart and through it we allow new energy, growth, and life to slowly settle in.

Settling Into The Process Of Healing Meditation

The process of healing meditation is not challenging or complex. It is more about closing your mind and body and surrendering to the flow. You need to just connect with one aspect, could be your breathing. Connect to what resonates within you. Every simple process can be a way to reach out to the power of Healing meditation.

The whole process of healing meditation can be divided into four parts: the body, mind, heart, and soul.

Healing Meditation And Your Body

Managing Pain: For those in the throes of endless pain, you need to close your eyes and unwind. Imagine a golden sphere that pulsates with healing energy deep in your chest. The sphere courses through your body with each breath and heals. Repeat the process for 5 to 10 minutes.

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Cleansing Your Energy: This form of healing meditation upkeeps the purgation of negative energy. You could play the soothing sound of the ocean totally surrounding you. Shut your eyes and let your breath take over. Imagine the blue of the deep ocean as it pours over you and cleansing you of all your polluted energy.

Self-Love For Your Body: This form reconnects with your body. Shut your eyes and relax your breathing. Placing your hand gently over you’re the part with which you would like to connect, and you utter words that make you feel, love, and accept.

healing meditation

Womb Healing: This is a healing meditation to get you through the pain of intense heartbreak. It restores your womb to its original innocent state. It involves breathing techniques and guided meditation followed finally by the ceremony of release.

The Process Of Full Body Revival: It involves the use of meditational music to relax the mind and body to let in positive energy. It facilitates the regeneration of any organ of the body

Letting Go Of Your Exhaustion, Fatigue, And Vitality: Here you let the power of healing meditation rediscover the positive vitality and energy within you. You ultimately overcome chronic fatigue and exhaustion caused by everyday issues.

Healing Meditation That Goes To The Heart

Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Technique Of Mediation: This technique allows you more affection and complete forgiveness for the self and others. Calm ambient music helps. Breathe deeply with your eyes shut and a hand over your heart for 5 minutes and keep repeating the gentle, simple mantra of love, forgiveness, and thankfulness.

This mantra may be directed to the self, others, even the whole planet.

healing meditation

The Balance Of Your Heart Chakra: here you combine the process of meditation and visualization. With your eyes closed, link with your milieu and gently breathe. Move the dominant hand over your chest and experience the sensation in doing so, visualize an intense green energy coursing through your body and cleansing in the process.

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The Process Of Inner Child Calming: this process of meditation heals the inner child wounded by all the instability around us. It is a process to nourish, soothe, and reassure the unsafe and the scared.

You have to shut your eyes and let your body stay embedded to the ground. You need to imitate the motion of hugging yourself and reassure yourself with words of safety and nearness.

Coming To Terms With Heartbreak: this process helps heal and brings closure. You need to work with your thoughts, even the most intensely jumbled and painful ones. Slowly the mind eases and finds the calmness to heal.

Letting Go Anger And Resentment: Meditation for the inner child helps in this instance.

Healing Meditation That Uplifts The Mind

Releasing Your Depression: this form of meditation heals the mind and rids it of all the putrid energy and allows fresh forms to flow in. with the background filled with music of nature, you need to close your eyes and let go. Take control of your breath and visualize a vast sheet of water around you. Immerse in that feeling and rise to feeling rejuvenated.

Dissolve The Anxiety Coursing Inside: this meditation helps rid the body of unknown anxiety. Here you need to shut your eyes and ground your energy. Stay on solid ground in your thoughts. Give utterance to your thoughts and let them purge.

Meditation For Sensitive Souls And Empaths: such people are in danger of letting the troubles of others overwhelm them. For relaxation you need to be seated, eyes shut, as you take long gentle breaths. Place a hand on the ground and feel the energy course through your body. You are rooted to the earth.

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Detoxing Mentally: purge your mind of negative thoughts and desist from the evils of blame, judgment, and bitterness.

The Process Of Inner Peace: here you need to see inner solitude and calm all that contributed to your anxiety. Seek inner quietness and you shall find it.

Healing Meditation That Transforms Your Soul

Coursing A Gateway That Leads To Your Soul: here you learn to reconnect to your soul. In a lighted place, calmly settle your body. Place both hands over your heart and meditate silently and your journey into yourself. Accept whatever thought courses through your mind.

healing meditation

Purification Through Flames: it is a simple and effective way to let more clarity into your life. You will need to light a candle and stare into the flicker. Imagine it burning all your inner blockages.

The Healing Of Sounds: the dance of energy is played out through the vibration of sounds. The repetition of sacred sounds lets us tune in to the divinity of the soul.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Link with the sounds around you. Let the sound ‘OM’ rise from the pits of your stomach. Stretch the intensity of the sound. Surrender to its primeval peace and intensity.  

Alignment Of The Soul And Energy: you need to reconnect and realign more with your soul through meditation.

Connections Linked To Intuition: this is the sound of your soul. Learn how you can again connect with the guidance system within you.

We hope these methods will guide you in finding the most effective way to keeping yourself calm. Once you get started, it will be easy. All you need to do is to take the first step.



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