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The Law Of Attraction: The Dark Side Of This Law

The Law of Attraction bears a dark side and is unknown to most people. We are taking this initiative to help you know about this so that you can be prepared and alter the vibrations in your life.

The Dark Side Of The Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction interests millions of people as it helps them transform their lives based on the wonders of positivity. 

The first step is to think about the changes that you want to make or things that you want to achieve. Turn that thought into a daily workout and keep believing in yourself that you will achieve it. You need to believe in yourself and have a real desire to strengthen yourself. 

The last phase is to receive the vibration. You need to think, believe and vibrate in order to get what you want. The forces of the universe will make sure that you fulfill your desires.

The truth behind this law is not so simple as it seems.

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The Law of Attraction bears a darker side that is unknown to many and needs to be revealed to the people. Once you know about the darker side you can act on it and change your vibrations.

Creation Of Confusion In The Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

Once you start to vibrate positively you expect things to be manageable but it is not so. If you think about making more money, you might find yourself in a situation with high expenses. You might feel like swimming against the current of the sea.

This negativity might force you to give up and you will abandon the Law of Attraction. 

All these things are just a process to purify your energy, goals, and your dreams.

The Law Of Seed

Big messes are the right time to align your thoughts. You must change your patterns which are clogging your reality. 

Look for any behavior that you want to abandon and it feels difficult to do so. In this situation, you need to look into your soul and have a clear mind. You need to determine the things you want to keep and the ones you want to abandon.

You need to ask yourself how the new energy will occupy the space inside you. Think about the new reality that you envision of yourself. 

Bringing in change is not easy and causes suffering. Do not be shaken when things are confusing. Be strong, as fortitude is quite crucial to practice the Law of Attraction.

A farmer does not plant to seed to harvest at once. He needs to plow and prepare the soil and take care of his crops. This is why it is known as the Law of Seed. If you really want to attain something, give something first and then be prepared to receive. If you feel that you deserve something, you need to simulate a real environment where the energy will grow and bloom. 

Do not feel frustrated or confused if the weather seems unhelpful. There will still be certain elements that can work out for you. The attraction is not only relevant but also the ability to keep it is.

Do not give up on yourself and on your goals. If you feel stuck begin again and renew your excitement. Try to include the element of Joy in your life. These elements have high energies and can dissolve the blocks around you.

Practicing the Law of Attraction might seem quite easy and sound good but it needs proper sacrifice. You need to sacrifice something to receive something better. 



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