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Tummo Breathing: Activate Your Fire With A Tibetan Practice

There are different techniques of breathing which include tummo breathing, box breathing, and such and they all have different effects. Some of these techniques can relieve your stress while tummo breathing can put you into a meditative state.

Let us understand what tummo breathing is and how can we benefit from it.

What Is Tummo Breathing?

Tummo Breathing

Tummo breathing translates to inner fire is a breathwork technique that was practiced by the ancient Buddhist monks in Tibet. It can be referred to as Chandali yoga that requires bioenergetic breathing plus visualization to increase your inner fire. It will pair up a specific breath pattern and the visualization of the flame going up your spine.

Tummo Breathing Versus The Wim Hof Method

Tummo Breathing is quite similar to the Wim Hof method but bears some nuances. The breath patterns are similar and they involve the raising of the body’s temperature in cold environments. The tummo breathing visualizes a fire burning while the Wim Hof method does not imagine as such. The Wim Hof Method does not bear any connection to religious origins. 

The Wim Hof method is made up of 3 specific breathing patterns while the Tummo uses visualization and breathing to call upon spiritual knowledge and gives more meditative feelings.

The Benefits Of Tummo Breathing

Tummo Breathing

There is limited research on this technique but the anecdotal benefits are well known.

One study on tummo supports the idea that regular practice can help you raise your body temperature.

Buddhist monks created so much heat that their bodies could dry wet towels around them.

There are other benefits linked with this technique, as follows:

1: Activating Your Chakra:

This is one of the greatest benefits and occurs when you activate the inner fire in your body. The chakra awakening will aid you in all the aspects of your health and well-being.

2: Transforming Yourself With Tummo Breathing

It can help you awaken your personal power and can transform your ego. It can also send kundalini energy up your spine. All these things will help you gain more confidence and creativity.

3: Improving Your Cognitive Performance: 

This technique will improve your concentration and focus and bring in a major change in your life.

4: Managing Your Stress:

Tummo Breathing Will help you manage your stress and anxiety. You can tune into the breath and return to the present whenever you feel overwhelmed.

This breathing technique can increase your energy levels and should be practiced before you go to bed. You can do it in the mornings or middays based on the heat generation.

You can also practice it before a big presentation to attain more concentration and warm yourself up if you feel cold inside.

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How To Do The Exercise

1: Sit in a comfortable location and close your eyes. Maintain a good posture. Rest your hands over your stomach for the entire practice.

2: Relax your mind to the best ability and allow thoughts until your mind has stabilized.

3: Imagine a fire inside your stomach. Think that you are a large balloon with a ball of fire inside you. Keep visualizing it for the entirety of this practice.

4: Inhale through your nose and expand your chest and torso. 

5: Exhale through your mouth with rounded lips. Curl forward and round your spine. Now imagine that the fire is spreading throughout your whole body.

6: Keep practicing this for 5 breaths and you will notice heat building up inside you. After you inhale for the fifth time, swallow softly and hold the inhale below the diaphragm.

  1. Exhale after holding your breath as long as you can.
  2. Repeat this for a few rounds till you feel warmer.


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