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Ophiuchus: The 13th Sign, Or Is It?

The newsreel must have been buzzing for the past few weeks, mostly because of the year that has passed. Among all these, very interesting news may have come to your ears in the past few days. Apparently, there is the potential of another zodiac sign being added to the already known 12. It’s named Ophiuchus.

2020 has forced a lot of change into our daily lives. Now it seems even zodiac signs are no exception. However, fear not, because this is not the first sighting of this mysterious Ophiuchus. Rather, the rogue sign has a habit of cropping up every astrological cycle. Needless to say, that only adds to the drama.

So, before we decide on buying brand new books on the basics of astrology and throwing away the old ones, let’s try to understand what Ophiuchus really is and whether it really is the 13th sign.

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Where Did Ophiuchus Come From?

The original debate seems to have arisen from an article published by NASA, back in 2016. It was intended for children. It had claimed that the genuine zodiac consisted of 13 signs, the ones that we know and Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus, however, had been consciously omitted by Babylonians. It was done to coincide the 12 months in a year with the number of zodiac signs.

The theory continues that the sign is situated between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This implies that if it is recognized, the remaining zodiac wheel will have to be moved to make space for the change. This has the added effect that the sign that you think is yours may not remain the same.

However, the theory remains widely unacceptable by astrologers. So, for now, we will possibly be remaining with the zodiac calendar that we know.


What Does Ophiuchus Stand For?

The alleged 13th sign has the symbol of a serpent or a snake handler. The snake handler is a woman. 18 days of the Sun’s positioning in the cosmos would have been the account for Ophiuchus. This would mean that for people with birthdays between November 29 and December 17, Ophiuchus would be the sign.

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The personality of this sign is supposed to have a mixture of the traits found in people who are Sagittarius and Scorpio. Similar to Scorpio, the 13th sign would be associated with intensity, sexuality, and have a presence that oozes power. They would also have a tad bit of jealousy in them. However, they would also have the passion and energy of Sagittarius, and be naturally lucky in life.

There have been astrologers who have speculated on the compatibility rates of Ophiuchus but as it stands now, it is nothing more than speculation.

The Truth Behind Ophiuchus As The 13th Sign

Astrology is not an easy and simple system that can be modified at will. A change of the size of adding another sign would require a massive effort. For example, the 12 signs divide the wheel evenly into 12 parts which keep it perfectly in sync with the months of the year and the 4 seasons.

The number also lets them be distributed equally among the four elements, the three modalities, and the two polarities. So 13 would throw all these things into chaos.

Also even though Ophiuchus is a constellation that exists, there aren’t zodiac signs for all the constellations that exist. NASA themselves also admits that the article is outdated and may have misinformation. Astrologers believe that to accept it right now would be too forceful, but with time perhaps it will feature.

Ophiuchus’ tendency to resurface and cause panic could be because of the Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury is known for increasing miscommunication and sharing.

In Conclusion

The constant recurrence has caused a lot of confusion and distress because of the massive change it can potentially cause. However, with all things in astrology, the most important part is how you understand it. So if you think you are an Ophiuchus, go ahead and blaze that trail. The most important thing at the end of the day is to make sure that you are true to yourself.



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