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How To Own Your Life-Guide To Self-Love

By Souls of Silver

Many people go through their lives, fulfilling the expectations of others but do not care to find out what they themselves want their lives to be. You have been searching for true love all your life but you do not love or find yourself worthy of love at all.

The idea of self-love has become popular nowadays precisely because we have given in to self-sabotaging and have chosen to forget how to love ourselves. This does not mean we need to be self-centred. On the contrary genuine self-love brings about a state of happiness which makes you feel grateful and exude unconditional love for all.

Here’s the deal- you don’t need to be a sage to connect with your soul. Just figure out what you want to do in life. Show the courage and follow the passions of your heart, however crazy it may feel. Trust your instincts and allow yourself to explore and one day you will definitely find the calling of your soul.

Embrace yourself for who you are; celebrate your best qualities. Accept your flaws and work on them.

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Be Thy Own Master

You are done with trying to please others. Take charge over your own life today. For your life is only yours to create. Be the master of your destiny and fulfill your dreams today.

Be impulsive and give in to your instincts but do not lose yourself to the eccentricities. Take responsibility for your actions and live the life of your dreams.

You Need Not Be A Loner

Do you feel suffocated in your relationship? If this is the case, you might rethink your decision to stay on. For a healthy relationship is spontaneous and one in which there are no shackles. Your partner lets you follow your dreams and you support him in his.

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Both of you are special in your own unique ways and contribute to the better of the world. If your partner wants to control the way you think and choose to be, this relationship is not the right place for you to be.

Do not consider broken relationships to be the end of the world, for every person comes into your life for a reason, to help you become aware of the divine soul in you.

Adore Yourself Today

Look within and connect with this light that your soul is. For long, you have let others decide what is to be your reality. You have felt unworthy of love. Forgive yourself today for this ordeal and also let go of the guilt for having judged others for choosing to love the way they want, trying to control the course of their life.

Give yourself a tight embrace. Love yourself deeply for your soul is precious and is your key to the energies of the vast universe. The only reason you feel lonely and this perpetual sense of lack inside you is because you are not connected with your soul. Establish this bond with your self and let abundance flow.

Stick to the Company of the Higher Frequencies

Your company can determine what you attract into your life. So, it is high time you bid goodbye to the lot who have only negativity to offer. Replace the kitty-parties full of meaningless gossips with a book-reading club.

The idea is to surround yourself with people who do not suck out your energies but themselves have abundant love and kindness to offer. These are people who have a high vibration themselves. As you keep the company of these enlightened souls, your own vibrations too will be raised.

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We have brought you here, the keys to your soul and the secret of a happy meaningful life, for such a life is impossible without the fundamental condition of self-love!



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