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How To Activate Your Soul Star Chakra And Connect To Your Higher Self

Ever felt like you are more than your physical body? Did you have dreams that seem so real that it felt like you’re living a different life? Have you felt disconnected with everything around you or felt that there is more to your soul than what you’re conscious of? If the answer’s yes then you’re probably looking for your higher self and want to connect to it. You need to align with your Soul Star Chakra to connect with the higher self.

What Is The Higher Self?

Essentially, your Higher Self is the Spirit Energy that contains all of you. In other words, before you came down to Earth and transformed into the human form, you belonged in the Spirit realm. It is the home of your Spirit Energy. When you left that space and came down to Earth, you also left some of that pure energy scattered in that realm. Your physical body only contains a portion of your Spirit Energy and not the entirety of it. This disconnected part of your soul scattered in the form of your energy combined with the energy that resides in your human form is called the Higher Self.

This pure part of yourself, still wandering beyond the earthly realm, contains memories of your past life. It’s the hub of pure knowledge and a source that emanates love and has the ability to give purpose to our life.

It’s almost like a guide to the Spirit. So if you’re feeling out of sorts, try activating your Higher Self with the help of the Soul Star Chakra.

What Is The Soul Star Chakra?

Each chakra is a specific expression of the life-force energy. The most interesting of them all is the eighth chakra called the Soul Star Chakra. It’s located above the head. In other terms, it’s placed a few inches above the Crown Chakra.

The Soul Star Chakra is different from the other chakras. While the others are envisioned in a roundish shape like a wheel, this particular Chakra is seen as a Merkaba, an eight-sided star.

Soul Star Chakra

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The soul star chakra is luminous. It is a pot full of knowledge and pure energy so power emanates from it. It is luminous white in color with bold shades of green, purple, and blue.

This Chakra is your bridge. It can connect you to the Spiritual Realm and to your Higher Self.

How To Connect To Your Higher Self

If you activate the Soul Star Chakra, you’ll feel at one with yourself. You’ll be in a listening mode and will be able to enjoy every aspect of life. If you lack clarity, love or support, try out these steps to be one with your core spirit.

Acknowledgment of the Higher Self and Soul Star Chakra

This is the first step as you need to realize that you need to connect with your scattered soul. Your Higher Spirit and your soul are already tied for life whether you’re conscious of it or not. Now you need to find it in yourself to seek it out and connect to the part of your pure Spirit out there. This step increases your awareness and makes you take a deep look at yourself.

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Ego Management

It’s time you tame the physical, earthly ego and find space in yourself to accommodate your Higher Self. You don’t need to let go of your ego, but to be one with your Higher Self, you need to know how to balance the two.

Connect To Your Soul Star Chakra

Once you’ve tackled everything else, you can meditate to activate your Soul Star Chakra. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Settle in comfortably and try to bring all your thoughts at the center of your head. Once you’ve gathered your awareness, slowly transform those images into a powerful, all-consuming white image. Feel the light getting more powerful. Once you’ve reached the peak of your imagination, the strengths of the Soul Star Chakra will be revealed to you.

Always take your time to get into the process. Once you’re connected, you can seek guidance from the Soul Star Chakra.



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