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Let’s Talk About Seichim: The Energy That Egyptians Use For Healing

By Souls of Silver

Seichim is a living embodiment of energy– putting it on a pedestal higher than the Reiki. This energy is most useful when dealing with emotional and mental concerns, along with elevated spiritual connections.

The literal meaning of Seichim is the ‘power of powers’. Although it has much higher standing than Reiki, the two work in similar ways. Seichim is mostly used in balancing and establishing relations between the mental and the physical spirit. But we would also find their use in healing tangible ailments too.

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This healing energy comes from the land of Egypt, which has also been the seat of its presence in modern times. Practitioners of this energy form received the energy beams sent out by Seichim which they first accede in their crowns, and then transmit it to someone else using their hands as a conduit.

Since our bodies are major energy conduits, these when simplified run their course through the major Chakras in the body, only to get assimilated with the organs. The energy field of our body, thus, encompasses our entire being. This field helps us in maintaining our heart rate, and other bodily functions. The energy fields are connected to each other in myriad ways- and yet it is the heart at the center of it all.


This energy field has another name which is the Aura, and while all the bodies under this energy field cannot be individually mapped, a Kirlian camera can prove useful in photographing them.

People who are self-aware can see this quite perfectly. After all, all the Chakras are connected to each other in perfect harmony, and they have a multitude of energy layers between them. In the event of an imbalance- be it physical, mental, or spiritual- we will feel it throughout our body. The aura will not receive energy in the same way as it used to, and we would feel extremely depressed.

When the mental realm of the body gets affected, it doesn’t take time for that to move to other parts of the body. If the said event is even more traumatizing than estimated, it is assumed that it would soon reach the physical manifestation of the body- leading to illnesses.

Unfortunately, our brain will never let us forget it, as it has already recorded it when the events were transpiring. This will lead to us thinking about it whenever we feel down, which will further deteriorate our mood. This could also cause blockages in our energy which would mean that our organs aren’t working fine at all.

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The chain of events will lead to us succumbing to insomnia, depression, and other issues of the mind and the body. But, if we actually thought about how we could balance our chakras, and the energy that flows through them- our lives would exponentially be happier.

This is where Seichim comes into play. It helps to balance the auras while negating the onset of depression and stress. We finally feel totally at ease, as the blocks of energy that were causing all these problems are finally destroyed.

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