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Raise Your Vibrations Using Solfeggio Frequencies

By Souls of Silver

There is no energy that is purer than sound. As human beings, we cannot live without sound. We find it inspirational and uplifting. We are able to connect with each other because of its existence.

Stop for a moment and think about this – every single object and creature around you is made up of energy and each one is vibrating at its own frequency. How wonderful is that! Years of scientific research have taught us that dense objects vibrate at low frequencies whereas light objects vibrate at high frequencies.

The frequency of your vibrations also depends on what you are feeling. While emotions like rage and sorrow are considered negative, they are actually essential. The important thing is to not identify with the emotions that pull you down but focus on more positive thoughts. Solfeggio Frequencies make this task easier.

Music From Gregorian Monks

Discovered by Gregorian Monks, the Solfeggio Frequencies are a collection of 6 electromagnetic musical tones which they meditated on. They work their way into the very depths of a person’s mind in order to heal. Credit for their rediscovery must be given to Dr. Joseph Puleo who found them in the Book of Numbers. Each tone has its own unique character.

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies

Chanting these frequencies can make your vibrations climb higher and higher till you release all the toxicity within you that is preventing you from healing. Some feel calmer after listening to them but others might feel like lashing out as their bottled up emotions rise to the surface. But both reactions are necessary so it won’t hurt to try listening to them.

1. UT-396 Hz

If you’re feeling guilty, fearful, or just depressed, this is the tone that will work best for you. Listening to it helps you find your center and it leaves you feeling like you have been purified. Here’s a piece to help you get started.

2. RE-417 Hz

By clearing away ethical conundrums, unproductive thoughts, and self-abusive habits, this tone transforms you so that you can reconnect with the universe. This binaural beats track is perfect for those who are looking for a change in their lives.

3. MI-528 Hz

The tone of love, this is the music of the sacred geometry. This tone helps you to create and make your dreams manifest into reality. It helps you find balance, makes you more self-aware, heals even the smallest of tears in your DNA and pushes you to become better.

4. FA-638 Hz

Harmonious and soothing, listening to tone FA-639 Hz can help you see the oneness of the universe. It leaves you more tolerant and empathetic than before. You will be able to feel your bonds with others grow stronger. Meditating on this binaural beats track is a good place to start.

5. SOL-741 Hz

While the other tones focus on your mental health, Sol-741 cleanses the body from external parasites. Those who usually suffer from pain will feel better after listening to a track like this one. For some, listening to this tone can also help them feel clearer when they are in some confusion.

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6. LA-852 Hz

By opening you up to your own intuitive powers, the LA-852 tone can assist you in finding your inner spirit. It takes away the veil covering your eyes and allows you to see the truth of the universe. Here’s a track which can help you broaden your horizons.

As you listen to these tones, be mindful of their effects on your physical and mental state. That way you can work out which sounds have the best effect on you. Focusing purely on the tones can help you detach yourself from the material world and this is when your healing will truly begin.

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