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How To Remain Grounded In Troubling Times

By Souls of Silver

Everyone goes through some trying times in life. But there are some who are able to handle these situations full of confusion and fear better than the rest of us. So, how do they manage to stay level-headed even in such times? And how can the rest of us learn to be like them?

Staying calm no matter what you’re going through is an essential skill that we all need to learn. The mistake most of us make is believing that this has something to do with controlling our emotions. Persisting in that belief is only going to make us feel more stressed and anxious than before. Keeping yourself grounded is recognizing that you need to let things play out as they were meant to.

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Understand that you can’t change certain situations and accept them for what they are. Going with the flow is harder than you think but it is also important. It will give you the power to ensure that the situation doesn’t break you. If you’re finding this difficult to carry out, you can try some of these methods to help you stay grounded:

1. Concentrate On Your Breathing

Even if you’re sick and tired of hearing this, it doesn’t change the fact that this is very good advice. It is a quick and efficient way to help you find your center. Whenever your feelings are all over the place, you start taking faster, shallower breaths so take deep breaths while focusing on your breathing to help you become grounded.

Counting each breath as you take it, especially when you’re feeling more stressed out than usual, can help you snap out of your own fears. Remember that each breath must come from the stomach and not just from your chest.

2. Remember Who You Are

As soon as a person is born, society starts teaching them that they need to come up with some sort of identity for themselves. We are taught that we need to fit into certain stereotypes and the conditioning is so thorough that we project these images onto ourselves. But all these ideas are only temporary and we must be able to look deeper within ourselves to realize who we truly are and what the universe intends for us.

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When you’re in a tense situation, stop and ask yourself whether the way you’re reacting is really who you are. Coming to the realization that you are more than what you are at that moment will calm you down. These external factors can only harm the image you have created for yourself, not your true consciousness.

3. Will It Matter?

This is called the ‘looking back’ method and it is quite easy. All you have to do is ask yourself whether this issue will seem as important to you maybe a decade or so down the line. Usually, it really won’t have had much of an impact. This will make you rethink your values and you need to figure out what you need to focus on. Remember, the pain passes but beauty remains.

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4. Stay Mindful

By redirecting your thoughts from your problems to the physical sensations of being alive, somatic mindfulness helps you to become grounded in yourself. To get the most benefit out of this, do this along with your breathing exercises. Concentrating on what your body is feeling takes your mind off your stress and gives you an anchor to hold onto.

5. Moving Away

Though you can’t just turn your back on your problems, you might feel better if you just took a step back now and then so that you have to time to rest and think. Take yourself to a quiet place surrounded by greenery so that you can find your center and remember that life is beautiful. Setting aside some time to be alone everyday helps you clear your head and find solutions that you otherwise might not see because of your stress.

Keep in mind that this takes time and effort. However, the ability to stay grounded in all situations is a blessing and you won’t regret putting in the work.

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