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New Year Resolutions: The Ideal Healing Guide

By Souls of Silver

While I can’t speak for others, I must admit that 2018 has been one of the most memorable years of my life. The year gave me both overwhelming joy and devastating sorrow and the opportunity to make peace with both. I treasure the happiness I was blessed with and I also value the experiences that I gained when I was struggling. However, as usual, I don’t remember the new year resolutions I had made back in January, so I really can’t say if I have actually kept them.

Entering into this New Year, my goal is to be as truthful to myself as possible. I wish to figure out what I truly want from my life this year. No longer will I make the same old New Year resolutions that I know I’m not going to keep even as I make them.

Rather than wasting my time on those pointless endeavors and making new year resolutions, I’ve decided to lay down some reminders for myself so that I never forget that life is full of challenges and complexities, that reality is often very confusing, and that all of this is just part of being human.

These Are The Guidelines I Intend To Live By This Year

1. Heath Is Important

When I feel like I’m ready to hit the gym for an intense workout, I’ll do it. And if I feel like I’d rather stay in bed curled up with a good book or a fantastic movie, I’ll do that instead. It’s a balancing act but I’ll make it work.

2. Letting Small Things Go

Sometimes, my loved ones are going to annoy me and that is okay. I know that they’ll have my back when I need them. I’ll let these minor irritations go and I’ll love them and be there for them always.

3. I Value Myself

I am going to prioritize myself over everything else. This does not mean that I intend to be selfish. It means that I will recognize the time when I need to care for myself and so I will sometimes step back to rest or to just get away from the world. I’ll hide away when that is what is best for me and I’ll fight when that is what I must do for myself.

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4. To Know And Love Myself

What other people think of me is not going to bother me anymore. I’m going to stop listening to that critical voice in my head that always wonders whether I’m boring others, whether I look good enough for them, and whether I’m worthy of their presence. It is usually wrong and I need to learn to love myself.

5. Setting My Eyes On The Goal

My career matters to me. But that doesn’t mean I will let it consume my life at the expense of my happiness and wellbeing.

6. Love Is Painful But It’s Ok

Fairy tale romances aren’t real. Love is beautiful but it can also be painful and chaotic. But I’m going to choose love anyway because I know that it is better to have loved and lost rather than never having loved at all.

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7. Learning And Growing

I cannot cut myself off from my past. But that doesn’t mean I have to carry it around like a burden. I’ll take all the pain and happiness of life and learn what I can from it before looking towards the future.

8. Don’t Stop Trusting

People have hurt me before and there are times when I’ve been left feeling like every breath is painful. I can’t promise myself that I will never meet another person who won’t abuse the trust I’ve placed in them. But I also know I can’t shut myself out from the world. I’m going to let people in because I know that I cannot be happy otherwise.

It takes a lot of courage to be human in this world, but I’m willing to take another shot at it. I really don’t care how it will turn out in the end, but I know it will make me learn something. So one of my New Year resolutions, if you call it such, would be to be human. I have come this far – I’m not backing down anymore.

If you like these New Year Resolutions, share it with your friends and tell them it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. 

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