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Aquarius Season Will Be Hard For These 3 Zodiac Signs

From January 20th, the Aquarius season will be starting. Representing the inner rebel that wants to express itself, this season brings a lot of sudden changes in our lives.

During this season, the sun is making a move away from the hardworking Capricorn and slowly moving to the quirky Aquarius.

It is a move from one end of the spectrum to the other and so it is going to bring in a lot of significant changes that will catch you off guard. But most of the zodiac signs will still be able to adjust, except 3 of them.

A Sudden Change

For the three zodiac signs, these changes will be really difficult and make it a challenging month. The rebel inside would want to throw our routine and traditions away, but there is always habit which keeps us going through the same routine.

The change is significant and these zodiac signs are not willing to accept it. However, it is not a wise decision. It’s always better to not resist change. It is inevitable after all.

These are some of the ways in which Aquarius season will hit these three zodiac signs:


As the sun glides from Capricorn to rebellious Aquarius, it will bring an overwhelming effect on your emotions. As Cancerians, you are already quite emotional and now because of this sudden change, you will feel lost. Don’t give up on yourself. Breathe in, and calm yourself. If you have to, then take a step back.


It’s all right to get confused when all this complicated energy is coming your way. Keep your eyes on the goal and keep moving toward it. At first, it will seem very difficult but as you walk onwards, the path will get clearer. Have a bit of faith in yourself.


As Scorpios you are already accused of being a bit mysterious. The Aquarius season brings this mystery self to a whole new level. You will become more aloof and your family members will spot this and be worried that either you are distancing yourself from them or you are getting depressed.

Neither of them is true – you just need a bit of time for yourself. You need to go through a self-reflection phase. Focus on your weaknesses and try to work on them. People who care enough will understand why you need to cut all contact with the outside world for some time. They will support you in this decision.

They will stay away until you are more balanced with your inner self. When you become comfortable, you can be back to the way you were, dealing with people and life in a normal manner.


While the others have some identifiable issue that might bring problems in this period, for you, it’s not the same. You will be feeling a bit exhausted spiritually, physically and mentally.

You can’t really point out why you are feeling this way but this exhaustion will make you irritable and agitated. Step back from the outside world and try to look inside. Focus on your own well-being.

If you can identify what is wrong with you then you can work on it. If not, then comfort yourself. Go for a walk or take a warm bath if necessary. Take care of yourself first.

The Aquarius season is going to be pretty hard on these zodiac signs, since it brings a lot of emotional turmoil with it. But you should not worry too much. Just give yourself the time and care and you will pass through this period without a problem.

This article was originally published by SoulTravelRules and has been republished here by kind permission.



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