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4 Struggles That Empaths Undergo

By Souls of Silver

Empaths are people who have the ability to experience and even feel what another person is feeling, as if they are standing in their shoes. It is a strange power – to see and understand the inner connection between people. However, this quality does not make them a people’s favorite. Rather, empaths actually feel like they do not fit in with the world around them. It is a strange paradox and as empaths, we feel lost in it.

Empath Awakening

It is not that people do not understand other people and empaths have some kind of super power that makes them different. People have the ability to understand who is sad, to realize when someone is happy or why someone did something, even if it was wrong. But that doesn’t mean that people would accept the act. Ordinary people have the ability to judge and let go of something. On the other hand, empaths experience good and bad actions – even if they do judge, they would end up with feeling something – attaching with the act and the person emotionally. That is where the main difference between an empath and an ordinary person begins. It culminates into what can be called an Empath awakening.

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A Feeling Of Isolation

It is something that most empaths have gone through – an empath awakening that made them aware of who they actually are. It comes to them especially during their most challenging times. Perhaps it is that period when they are with people and dealing with their turbulent energy and in the process, stressing themselves out. Or maybe, they are dealing with their own emotional turbulence. The result is always energy drain and fatigue. No wonder, after such a rude awakening, empaths tend to stay away from society in solitude. While this solitude may be nurturing and bring them at peace with their ‘empath’ side – it also aggravates the feeling of ‘I don’t belong here’. And it’s a devastating feeling.

Seeing The Naked Truth

People are products of their society. Our society tends to dictate what a person should act like and it soon becomes a complete social norm. It tells us how and when to act in a certain way, and also, what one requires to be happy. But as an empath, you know the hidden truth, the grand deception played on all of us. You know something is terribly wrong with the world but you see people being controlled by it. People are unique – they are not supposed to feel and think the same way. But you are helpless in this situation. Is it any surprise that you feel out of touch with the world you live in?

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Moving To The Light

Empaths, like all other human beings, need to pass through this dark phase of life. They begin to understand that somehow, they perceive the world differently and that there are only a few of them present in the world. However, the darker the times, the brighter will be the light when it comes. You will be able to change yourself for the better, and be in control your energy. Protect it. Once we have started on in this journey of life, there will always be darker times that we need to struggle with. But take it as a quest because you need to struggle through the empath awakening process to become a fully realized empath. Someone who is not only there for others, but there for themselves too when they need it.

You may not be able to fit into the world, but not everyone is supposed to fit in. After all, if you are one with yourself, then you do not require someone else to belong to. Be in peace and find your belongingness within you. There is no better sense of accomplishment for an empath than being confident of oneself.


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