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Are Your Relationship Conflicts A Manifestation Of Your Unresolved Issues?

By Souls Of Silver

Is it often that you find yourself perturbed by the smallest of things? Do you find yourself fuming at your partner over minor relationship conflicts? So, it is time to sit back and take a good, long look at what has been happening in your life.

Negative feelings like anger and frustration have a way of hampering your mental peace. These feelings are what tell you that there are issues that need your care and attention. So, if you are getting worked up at your beloved time and again over meager issues then it is possible that these issues can be traced back to your inner conflict.

Personal Conflicts Or Relationship Conflicts? Identify The Core

Alicia Munoz, a couples’ therapist points out that there might be relationship conflicts, however, the proportion of your response or your way of handling that issue often helps you distinguish whether the problem is stemming from your inner unsettled issues or your partner. 

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For instance, if your partner tells you, “I can’t help you right now” and you fly into a rage, begin yelling and crying and start calling them uncaring and selfish as a response, it is a sign that something is wrong. Try to calm your mind and assess if your response was at par with the severity of the situation. Disproportionate responses hint towards a darker truth, a deeper scar, or a history that needs repair.

How To Deal With Your Internal Conflicts?

The first step is to learn to distinguish the conflicts that are stemming from your own history from your relationship conflicts. Next, make an honest assessment of your behavioral pattern. If you find that it is often you take your stress out on your partner, you can begin with the mending.

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Some of the key methods that you can try out are listed below:  

1: Grow your self-awareness

2: Check-in on your emotional state regularly

3: Talk about your feelings when they arise

4: Try to steer clear of unnecessary conflicts

5: Invest in self-reflective activities

So, you must practice these healthy habits consciously for a while and notice how your relationship conflicts get wiped out.



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