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How To Prevent Absorbing The Negative Energy Around Us

By Souls of Silver

When you feel and truly emulate the pain which others feel, it’s called empathy. On the other hand, feeling compassion and love for others in their hard times is called sympathy. If you are an ‘empath’, you are bound to absorb a lot of negative emotions from your surroundings. So it leaves you with a feeling of being drained and exhausted. Hence, stopping this absorption is extremely crucial to you and your well-being. Here’s how you prevent absorbing negative energy:

1. Always Keep In Mind That You Cannot Make Everyone Happy

Do you have someone that bullies you? Is there someone dissing you? Or just plain complaining? As soon as you give in to this negative energy and try to convince anyone to like you, you lose. This energy you will spend focusing on making yourself ‘likable’ will make you actively seek their approval.

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You must remember, it’s impossible to make everyone like you. You must create a healthy barrier around yourself to shield you from other people’s negative opinions. You can start doing so by loving yourself.

2. Practice Caution With The People You Let Into Your World

We meet a multitude of people in our lives and there are many who enter our lives only to cause chaos. There are many people who just pretend to care for us, only to use us. In Brazilian, it’s called folgado, roughly meaning “freeloader”.

If you let someone take a flower from your garden, next they would want an entire tree. It is important to know when to stop giving and being generous, especially at the cost of your own well-being. Have the courage to say ‘no’ when you must.

3. Not Everything In Life Deserves Your Attention

Every parasite must latch on to a host for its survival, right? Similarly, providing someone your attention makes you a host to leech off energy from. As you start diverting more focus and energy, the parasite will feast on it and grow stronger. So while it is okay to be someone who listens, it is absolutely acceptable to refuse to listen as well.

Your listening skills are great, but they can deter you from focusing on your own self too. Just choose to focus on yourself instead of others that do not have the same consideration for you, as you do for them.


4. Let Nature Heal You

Nature is something that can renew us all. It has the power to replenish our souls with the pure energy and abundance that it has. So go out in nature, exercise, take a walk, breathe in some fresh air.

Just remember, let everything that is weighing your down go away and lighten the load. A caterpillar fattens itself before spinning a cocoon, right? But it comes out a beautiful butterfly minus the heft it had earlier.

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5. Hold Your Own Self Responsible For Your Emotions

How one feels and responds to a situation is entirely up to them. It’s true that the Universe will present you with people that test your mind’s resilience. But it is vital to remember that the opinion that you have of your own self is infinitely greater than any opinion anyone else has about you.

Once you make yourself responsible for your own happiness, sadness, excitement, or anything really, your life outlook will change. You will not find yourself getting knocked down by people easily at all.

Conclusively, make sure you are in a situation conducive to your own growth. You are a unique, sensitive, and brilliant person. We hope you make the best use of everything that life provides you! Are you feeling ready to face the world?

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