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Mars Entering Leo: Follow Your Heart

By Souls of Silver

While it is mostly climate change, things definitely get hotter whenever Mars begins to journey through Leo. Mars represents drive and ambition and when the planet enters these fiery signs which speak of fun and adventure, their combined influence pushes us to reach our peaks and to enjoy life as much as we can.

A natural leader, Leo likes to be in charge of all situations. The interaction between Mars and Leo will push us to listen to our instincts and do what we can to change the world around us. We’ll feel the need to be part of something bigger and to express ourselves in a creative manner.

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The Journey Of Mars Through Leo Between 1st July – 17th August

What is life if you’re not having any fun? Leo knows that Jack needs a little play to keep him from being a dull boy. The movement of Mars into Leo influences us in such a way that we look for the silver lining, no matter how dark the clouds are. We are also encouraged to set aside time to do the things that excite us and make us happy.

Listen because your heart is speaking to you. As the ruler of the heart, Leo’s enthusiasm and passion for life will bear fruit in this period. Let the influence of this fierce sign make you confident and brave so that you are able to see your goals through to the end. You won’t get a lot of opportunities like this to really tap into your artistic ability and passion, so make good use of it.

But too much of a good thing is also dangerous so don’t let your new found confidence turn into arrogance. You can only reap the benefits if you put in the necessary work. To be respected, you must first be worthy of that respect. Nobody will look up to you otherwise. This period will make you look for attention; so make sure this doesn’t lead to you getting into worthless drama.

Pride is important but don’t let it get to your head. Take this time to understand what you can actually be proud of in this life and to re-examine the importance you attribute to your ego.

For Those Born During This Transit

You’ll know when a person is born with Mars in Leo because whenever they walk into a room all heads will turn towards them. They’re full of energy, love, and light. Their spirits shine brighter than everyone else’s and like moths, we are all attracted to their flame.

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If you were born during such a transit, you’re someone who likes to let people know they are loved. Your loving heart and your immense energy make you an exciting person to know but you sometimes find yourself questioning these very aspects of your personality. Every now and then, you need to be praised and appreciated to boost your ego. It will take you a lifetime to master it and it is best that you start as soon as possible.

Being loved is very important to you and you’ll start throwing tantrums if you think you’re not getting the adoration you need. Some people might think of this behavior as egotistic and vain but that doesn’t bother you. As long as they’re paying attention to you, you’re happy.

Full of charm and magnetism, you also tend to get whatever you want because you’re creative enough to come up with whatever solution you need. Rather than depending on logic and rationale, you listen to your intuition. If something ignites passion and excitement in you that is when you know that you’re headed in the right direction. You’re here on this Earth to live your best life and you’re going to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything.

What do you think about Mars entering Leo? Are you excited about it?

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