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How Our Brain’s Synaptic Connections Get Deleted?

By Souls of Silver

It has been said before that the neurons which fire together also wire together. This means that as you work your neurocircuits more, it will start to become stronger and better. It is almost similar to the old adage of “practice makes perfect”. For example, if you play the piano continuously then the musical area of your brain will get strengthened. So, you have to practice and make a habit out of practicing any specific art to break down your previous neural connections and form new neural connections – strong and fitted with the new skill set. This has been referred to as synaptic pruning.

How Does Your Brain Work?

Your brain is like a garden and the trees are the synaptic connections present between the neurons. They help to transmit serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters to flow through. The gardeners of your brain are the glial cells. They help to remove waste and kill the pests in your brain. Microglial cells are the pruners who prune the synaptic connections. Now, which ones are they going to prune?

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It has been found that when a synaptic connection is inactive or not being used, a protein called C1q is attached to it which can be detected by microglial cells. This protein once detected will enable the microglial cell to get attached to a synaptic connection and slowly prune or eradicate it. This way, your brain makes space for other connections.

Sleep Is Important

However, if you get loads of information in your brain, it can get messed up. Have you found it difficult to process immense amounts of information? That is because your brain is just laying down the basic aspects of connections and it is not well-established yet. It requires a lot of pruning and that could only happen when you have a good nap. After a good nap, we can think clearly. That’s because like the computer, a defragmentation process takes place in our brains, making our minds clear. Ten to twenty minutes of nap can get the microglial cells to come and clean the jungle of information and revitalize your mind. When you are deprived of sleep, it will be exhausting and you can’t process new information properly.

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Take Control Of Yourself

Now that you understand how synaptic connections work, you know that when you practice or focus on something, that will become your strong point. So, if you are spending time on social media and not focusing on your job, the synaptic connections based on your jobs will grow weak and eventually get deleted. Similarly, if you are focusing on your negative thoughts and not focusing on your strategies on how to achieve your dreams, the negative perspective will be strengthened. So, while you cannot control your thoughts, you can try to not get affected by it. Direct your mind in proper channels so that stronger synaptic nerves are formed in this aspect. Resist trying to engage in negative beliefs.

You have the ability to take control of your mind. You just have to believe in it.

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