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The Best Relationships That Empaths Could Have

By Souls of Silver

Empaths have a special way of treating relationships or intimacy. Empaths can require even a lifetime to recognize, recuperate from, comprehend, and integrate into a relationship. They go through a prolonged period of absorbing emotions of others which can lead to neurological as well as spiritual excess.

It may take up several years for an empath to be fully able to bear the prompt of sensational intimacy, emotional intimacy, as well as sexual intimacy on a daily basis. It is vital to have understanding partners that can provide us assistance and support in any form appropriate.

The people in our lives such as our partners and our loved ones might help us best by permitting us to stick to the processes that we have invented for our own selves. Don’t interfere. We can request them to allow us privacy, solitude, and space.

The people that truly care about us can assist us by deflecting others who try to interfere. It might also be very useful to a lot of empaths to be checked upon from time to time to ensure that they do not starve or dehydrate themselves, especially in times of sensory overload and collapse.

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The Best Partner For An Empath

During a legitimate empathic emergency, it is very helpful if partners are strong and console us during a breakdown. Please don’t resort to violent reactions or attempt to fix us during this time. You can also be kind enough to provide us space if that is what you deem best.

A lot of empaths require time to build the endurance that a sexual and romantic relationship demands from us. It is commonplace for empaths to mistake the thoughts and feelings of the other for their very own.

Solitude, crying, screaming, wailing, sleeping, praying, dancing, amongst a variety of activities can provide us the clarity we require. These activities help us realize the emotions and sensations that we might be experiencing as not our own, but those that we may have inadvertently absorbed from someone else.

Sex Is Different For Empaths

Sexual fluid exchanges result in the transfer of vast quantities of genetic information. This, in turn, lead empaths, particularly the ones that experience cognitive bleed-through, to come across several facets of their lovers in one go. Certain nuances of the lover’s personality that were previously unknown might cause them distress and anxiety.

It is ideal for empaths to find partners who possess plenty of life experience and awareness to aptly respond to the certain empahtic periods.

For several generations, women have been the bearers of the emotional burden for innumerable individuals for a continued period of time, all without any gratitude.

There exists a collective system because of which women are supposedly expected to process the strains and sentiments of their partners. This brings a unique challenge to empaths and their relationships, as these have the potential to wreak havoc on our minds.

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As empaths struggling with our relationships, we should note down some pointers:

It is alright to think that being in a full-fledged relationship might entail a lot of stimulation which we are not ready to take up.

It is alright to refuse sex. An intimate touch might be overwhelming at times.

It is alright to part ways with a person that is just not the right fit for you.

It’s ok to be broken. It is a chance better yourself, assimilate, and give it another go.

While certain things can seem to overburden at times, it is important to establish strong communication so that no issues build up and fester. Asking for patience and understanding is certainly not wrong. So, make sure you have a partner who understands that. Empaths need them for their relationships.

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