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Break Free During The New Moon In April 2019

By Souls of Silver

The New Moon in Aries indicates the end of the Pisces New Moon and the beginning of a new Cycle. It is in line with Alpheratz, a fixed star, and the brightest in the Constellation Andromeda. The Moon is in a harmonious angle of support with dwarf planet Ceres. The South Node at 22degree Capricorn has Saturn and Pluto on either side. It divulges the challenges and gifts that we have brought in from a previous life.

The New Moon falls at Aries decan 2 in April 2019. It defends and urges us to take the battle to the enemy camp. It is not content to just organically advance. It inculcates in you the virtues of strength and independence. We tend to stay away from people or activities that project weakness. During this New Moon, we tend to shed any form of constraint. Keeping oneself active and free of burden seems to be the priority even at the cost of forsaking the family. This energy propels you onward but makes it difficult for you to stay rooted.


Residing within the Andromeda Constellation, the realm of the Chained Princess, Alpheratz’s basic gift is independence along with honor, a sharp acumen, freedom, and wealth. It is one of the three guides who bless those born under it. The virtues it bestows are innumerous. Perseverance and boundless energy are its two greatest virtues. It brings along other virtues of a treasure trove of friends and independent financial success and honor. Along with Alderamin, it represents this zone fairly well. Alpheratz is also related with the Pegasus Constellation. An immediate impulse is to just let go and fly. The name literary indicates the horse’s navel in Arabic. There is a hint of detachment and a journey towards a free and independent life with a promise of good things.

The arrogance and pride of Andromeda’s mother at her daughter’s beauty greatly offended the Gods. This forced her father to chain her to a rock by the sea as a sacrifice to appease the sea-monster. She was rescued by Perseus. Andromeda was thus the original damsel in distress. Alpheratz is the brightest star of this constellation. Hidden within the high eulogy is the caution to desist from arrogance, for the danger of instant retribution always lurks.
Moon in conjunction with Ceres bestows immense fortune and the strength to pull back from a tragic or hopeless situation. But there is the possibility of losing all to the vagaries of fate. But the ability to see the lighter side of life will save you even from hopeless situations. But the foreboding of grave danger always lurks. Ceres in Aries has also a sensuous face to it and a taste for the good things in life. Generosity is an added virtue and begets charity. A general longing for the past is also common.

The three of wands is the Tarot card that is identified with Aries Decan 2. This card predicts and brings along a feeling of great power and an awareness of one’s standing in the world. The time is all about progress and development. You are ready to take off.

New Moons encourage us to tread new grounds. But we end up working in a world of semi-darkness. The sun is not there to illumine our selections. The instinct takes over hard-nosed decisions. Infantile cravings can never replace intuitions. Any decision taken without the accompanying brightness of the sun is always subject to review.

This New Moon is about the best of times and also the worst. Aries is about the now, not the future. The trine from Ceres makes us look back in time. It makes us look up to our forefathers. It makes us concerned for our descendants. The story of Andromeda is relevant here. The excitement at the future is toned down by the urge to stay in touch with the past. You take lessons learned from the past and apply them to the future.

Whereas an awareness of the past is important, it is also important to shed the shackles of the past, just as Perseus released Andromeda. We have to learn from the past but desist from repeating the mistakes of our ancestors. The rock to which Andromeda was chained symbolizes behavioral rigidity ingrained across generations. The New Moon that succeeds the spring equinox is the newest moon and heralds a new beginning.



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