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Higher Self: A Stride towards divinity & beyond

By Souls of Silver

The higher self is an extension of yourself that possesses the perception & mastery of all your alternate lifetimes. The Higher Self comprises unlimited and eternal power that holds key to all your desires, motives, and secrets. It is an abstract form of energy or consciousness that lives within our physical embodiment and beyond.

Only a portion of your spiritual energy gets planted in your physical body. The remaining stays back in the realms or gets distributed to different versions of yourself in alternate dimensions. The hunch, the gut feeling, dreams, sudden urge to perform or evade a particular event are instances where you rub shoulders with your Higher Self. Connecting to your Higher Self is important as it has the knowledge of exactly what the spirit has been up to since its birth.

The Eighth Chakra

Now, in order to connect to the Higher Self, we need to activate our Soul Star Chakra. This Chakra is the eighth chakra, located some inches above our head and acts as a bridge to connect to the Higher Self.

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Soul star chakra has its own distinct color of luminescent white with hues of blue, green & purple. While the other chakras are portrayed as a wheel, this one is uniquely visualized as a star with 8 points or Merkaba. 

By tapping into this chakra, we connect to our Higher Consciousness and surf through the information about our deeds, karma, and Akashic Records.

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Establishing a connection to the Higher Self is important as it gives us clear reasoning of how to function as a human being and helps us rationalize the meaning of life.

Many people misinterpret connecting to Higher Self by relating it to mythical and angelic superpower. In reality, Higher Consciousness actually cleanses your mind and helps you to process your life in a more rational perspective.

Every individual has their own way of tuning into their Higher Consciousness; however, the following tips can come in handy-

Acknowledging The Connection With The Higher Self

Each one of us already has a connection with the Higher Self regardless if we realize it or not. You come in contact with the Higher Self in your dreams, sudden visions, trances, etc. Take some time to imagine what the Higher Consciousness may look or feel like for you.

Taming The Ego

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As humans, the biggest obstacle we face is our Ego. It blocks our minds with questions and prohibits us from understanding the messages conveyed by the Higher Self.

So we should learn to form a balance between our ego and our compassionate Higher Self.

The following practice involving a Tarot card or oracles deck can be helpful:

  1. Ask a particular question after shuffling the cards and pull out 3 random cards to see the answer.
  2. Next, without asking any questions, pull out the cards seeking help from the Higher Self and request it to give you meaningful messages. The cards you pull out might be different from what you pulled out in the first case.

Different people will have different outcomes. In one case, the first set of cards answered some queries, while in the second instance, the cards seemed more definitive.

Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” is highly informative in this respect.

Activating The Chakra Of The Soul Star And Connecting With The Higher Self

The following practices can be helpful in activating your Soul Star Chakra:

  1. Take deep breathes closing your eyes to ease you out.

2. Focus your attention at the top of your head imagining the presence of a bright star.

3. Picture the Star’s brightness increasing, revealing its true potential.

4. Finally, ask your mind to sync with the Higher Self.

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Hopefully, these steps will help you feel the presence of the Higher Self and then synchronize with the wisdom. Let us know what was your experience!



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