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DanTien Or Elixir Field: This New Supreme Chakra Is More Effective Than Pineal Gland

By Souls of Silver

The human pineal gland has always been considered as the most important part of our body to heighten our consciousness and spirituality.

It has monopolised the spiritual domain as the “seat of the soul”, as a site which is a medium for attaining enlightenment. Activating the pineal gland to its full capacity needs training of our minds and bodies but if we concentrate on training our core “energy centres” like our Dan Tien, the results will be achieved in a shorter span of time.

Many eminent practitioners of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu have strengthened their Dan Tien for centuries. Through Dan Tien, one can achieve bodily strength, mental stability and hardcore mind power.

The entire world is made up of energies, as everything contains matter. From person to person, the energy or Qi differs. Humans and animals both have the ability to sense energies around them.

We can absorb others’ energies onto ourselves and emit energies. These energies are labelled as “vibes”. Some people give out positive vibes and some give out negative ones. If we do train our Dan Tien, we will be more capable of controlling our personal energy and utilise it to our advantage.

According to Dr Yang in ‘The Root of Chinese Qigong: Secrets of Health, Longevity, & Enlightenment’, Dan Tien is literally, ““Field of Elixir.” Locations in the body which are able to store and generate Qi (elixir) in the body. The Upper, Middle and Lower Dan Tien are located, respectively, between the eyebrows, at the solar plexus, and a few inches below the navel.”

DanTien is generally classified into three tiers: the lower, the middle and the upper. Within them the Lower DanTien is considered as the most significant. It is the foundation, the root and the center of the body due to its position.

For improving energy concentration there, meditation, breathing, visualising are recommended. The well being of the lower DanTien directly affects our physical well-being. You need to fuel your DanTien to keep yourself energised, vibrant and mindful.

As the lower DanTien is located around the naval it is also considered to be a second brain or a “brain in the gut”. The connection of nerves around that area is similar to that of the brain but it affects our emotions more than intelligence.

What is interesting here is that this training is accessible for everyone. The DanTien can be trained by all and they can see changes in themselves without the help of any external institution.

Globalisation has laid all the secrets of the great masters bare and anyone can choose to train themselves to enhance their mind and body spiritually.

For beginners, it is advisable to focus on energy centres first before moving on to the pineal gland. This will be easier and will give you quicker results.

But like any other training it requires your full focus and dedication. Your psyche, your attitude and your body will appreciate your choice once you attain some kind of awareness in terms of spirituality.

You can start training today itself. Look for short videos on improving your lower DanTien and then proceed higher. I am sure you are going to love the transformations that follow! So don’t wait and start your DanTien routine today itself!



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