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Listen To Hallelujah Sung By This 11-Year Old Autistic Girl

By Souls of Silver

Everybody loves music. There is no debate on that, Music captivates our minds and souls like nothing else can. It heals, it unites, and it makes us happy. It transports us to places we have never witnessed before, it cures us of our melancholia, it makes us groove, and it holds the capability to change lives forever.

Such is the power of music! It erases boundaries, brings people closer when words do not make sense. People tend to think clearly when they listen to their favourite kind of music. Musicians are truly blessed. With music they can transform the world into a better place.

An apt example is Kaylee Johnson, an eleven year old singer. She has recently gained a permanent place in many hearts with her phenomenal singing. Participating in the show titled Little Big Show, she sang a rendition of the song Hallelujah that captivated everyone’s attention on social media.

She is more than just a regular singer as she is Autistic and suffers from ADHD. As someone who is autistic, she had to clear many hurdles. As a child, Kaylee was shy, socially awkward and reticent when it came to talking. No one had imagined that the same girl would be able to sing flawlessly one day. This transformation happened by sheer chance one day when she took part in some group activity conducted in her class. It included singing and Kaylee discovered that she enjoyed singing so much that she didn’t want to stop!

She sang the song Hallelujah’s rendition alongside her friends that was recorded and went viral. In no time she had become a famous internet icon and then she was invited on the show Little Big Shots which increased her popularity.

With singing, Kaylee gained confidence and evolved from a socially awkward person to a public performer. She now actively participates in all the extracurricular events at her school and has made some very good friends as well.

A surprise was in for us when Kaylee performed the song Hallelujah along with an acapella group called Pentatonix. They joined her on the stage and surprised the crowd.

With this performed, Kaylee has garnered a lot of attention and is quite hopefully looking at a very bright future ahead of her.

We hope she enters mainstream music industry someday with her mind-blowing talent and becomes an even bigger celebrity. All the very best kiddo!



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