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10 Crystals Of Healing That Bring You Self-love, Positivity, And Energy Clearing

By Souls of Silver

These are turbulent times and you would naturally seek to embrace a power that brings a semblance of balance to your life. And there are times when you need outside help in such matters. And the right crystals of healing can help you align your energy and restore balance in your mind and soul.  It is an ancient practice used by the Egyptians and the Chinese.

The crystals contain atoms that have distinctive vibrational motions that act upon and harmonize with your energy and contribute to the wellbeing of your mind, spirit, and physical entity.

Choosing The Right Crystals Of Healing For Yourself

Every individual has a distinctive reaction to the energy emanating from crystals. So choosing the right one requires a finely honed intuition. Choose crystals of healing that attract you. If you find yourself drawn towards a particular crystal, perhaps it is the right one for you. Here are 10 crystals of healing to choose from.

Rose Quartz For Self Love

Rose quartz is for the purest form of love. This unconditional form helps us to calm, balance, and harmonize. They help the body and mind in deepening the affiliation with every person and entity around you. You could use it during bathing rituals, self-healing contemplation, or just keep it someplace close to you.

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Clear Quartz: The Master Healer

Clear crystals are the master crystal of healing and help you align every chakra in you and attune it. It enhances your energy thus helping you to attain an elevated state of consciousness.  Always align the point vertically to protect the line of energy.

Smoky Quartz: Do Away With The Negativity

crystals of healing
Smoky Quartz

This crystal of healing is just right when you are stressed. It removes all your negative energy and calms your senses. Smoky quartz also helps you let go and move onward in life. It infuses positivity in your surroundings.

Black Tourmaline: The Charge To Neutralize Negativity

Tourmalines are charged with a negative and positive pole. It emits infrared radiation when finely milled. Placing black tourmaline close to electronic devices reduces the harm such devices do to your body. It neutralizes all the negative energy emanating from your body.

Malachite: For The Big Occasion

It supplies the executive energy when you are on to something big. It cleanses, protects, and heals both your body and soul. Get rid of all the pains and traumas that are hidden in the deepest recesses of your body. It is also an able companion in times of heartbreak.

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Kunzite: For Compassion And Love

We all could do with the extra dash of compassion and love in our lives. This crystal of healing cleanses your soul and expands your heart. It does away with the wounds of past relationships. Restore the harmony in your life. It links you up to your family’s matriarchal side. It helps you stay rooted.

Selenite: The Right Crystal Of Healing To Clear The Negativity

Place this crystal in a room to rid it of all its negative energy. Place it along with quartz crystal points and black tourmaline to boost the energy in your surroundings.

Lepidolite: Bring Calmness To Your Mind

Crystals of healing

This is just the right crystal of healing when you are troubled and tense. It soothes and comforts an agitated and restless mind. It calms your nervous system, thus doing away with insomnia and panic disorders.

Prehnite: Help Yourself To Help Other

You can care for others only if you are healed yourself. Prehnite helps in that aspect as it heals those who are themselves responsible for healing others like parents and caregivers.

Hematite: Stay Rooted

Hematite is your link with the physical world. It helps you stay connected and reminds you of your commitment to the physical world. It helps you to identify the impediments that act upon the energy that prevents you from living through ultimate happiness.

While choosing the right crystals of healing is important, what also matters is your readiness to connect with it. Such crystals work in tandem with you to set your life in the right direction. It works on the positive aspects of your body and soul and slowly guides you towards the right path.



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