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7 Ways To Heal Your Inner Child

By Souls of Silver

To heal one’s inner child, one has to go through an intense process of growth, and development. This very growth comes through pain. A person can re-establish his/her contact with the inner child when they choose to consciously acknowledge the pain, its various sources and the growth that it brings from within. Once you have established a point of communication with the inner child, it becomes easier to heal the child.

Gaining Faith

The inner child in you is a highly sensitive reflection of you, who has taken shelter in a shell. For him/her to come out it is important that you have won their faith. The child inside has numerous injuries. Abusive household or bullies at school, the source of injury could be anything. It is important that you do not consider any source and reason of pain as trivial. The child inside you demands your attention and care. To gain the faith of the child you need to do what it really wants from you. Do not underestimate the pain of your inner child. Understand and take steps to heal it. Let the inner child have faith and hope in you.

Acknowledging the wound

Sometimes the inner child has had a past where the pain was inflicted by people who were themselves in pain. This vicious circle of transferring pain shall come to an end only when you are willing to acknowledge the pain of the inner child. Recognising pain inflicted in the past must be followed by the acknowledgement of the fact that a pain was actually caused. Acceptance of pain plays a big role in the healing of the inner child.

Blown out of senses

Being scandalized, appalled and shocked creates the necessary void in the heart of the inner child in you that is beyond temporary fillers. Once you have accepted the sources of pain and existence of wounds inside you, it is important that you are shocked and a void is created. The void creates a depression which creates a scope of healing in turn.

Rage against the pain

It is important that the dead void produced by shock does not remain there. This phase ought to enter the phase of anger against the pain caused. This causes a steady let out of the emotions of pain in the form of anger. An empty space of emotionless void being filled by anger creates an opportunity where by the pain does not remain untouched or unchanging. The slow change in its phases will slowly bring the healing in the inner child.

Grief follows rage

It is very interesting how anger and grief are rooted in the same kind of feelings. With passing time the weight of the causes just keep increasing which transforms anger into sadness. Sadness is rooted in unfulfilling aspirations, developments, life turning opportunities and victimization and betrayal.

Sense of regret

The inner child has not outgrown its past without accepting and living the various emotions of pain. The inner child is stuck in the past. The sense of rage and grief also welcomes the feeling of regret. You may have chosen to turn a deaf ear to your dark past filled with pain but the inner child is stuck with that moment of shame. To outgrow it and heal completely, you need to accept the existences of the sense of regret and the reasons behind it.

Lack of company

Your past and your pain both can put you in a position where your emotions go numb and you feel undeserving of all the happiness and good things in the world and hence, aloof yourself from others.

While the 7 ways depict the ways the pain is rooted in us, it also depicted how through manifestation of these pains we find ourselves again. Your pain forces you to hide yourself from the world and you. With the acceptance and manifestation of pain comes the recognition and faith to heal again.



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