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Benefits Of Drinking Turmeric And Honey Everyday

By Souls of Silver

Have you wondered about the amazing medicinal benefits that honey and turmeric have within themselves? Natural antibiotics are readily available for which they become gained more importance. The major positive factor about them is that they bear no side-effects. Even if the person isn’t suffering from some chronic disease, turmeric or honey consumption would not create any negative results. This nowhere tries to overshadow the importance of modern medicines. Rather, it talks about how cost-effective home remedies can work in times of crisis. Honey and ginger warm up the body and hence, prevent cold and cough. Turmeric acts as a blood purifier and keeps the skin healthy. Garlic too has similar medicinal properties and what is interesting is that these basic kitchen necessities can render relief to a great extent.

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Honey is at times, recommended by doctors for its infection resistant and bacteria resistant property.  European Journal of Clinical Microbiology has proved the above statement by testing honey on pathogens. Honey is very good for the skin, so it could be applied externally on the skin or could be consumed along with medicines to cure bronchitis.

Dr. Dee Carter claims that products with honey as an ingredient are way better than the regular products. The chances of the longevity of antibiotics increase with honey consumption. Another important element is Turmeric. The anti-oxidant properties of turmeric are good for the skin. Internally, it works as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal substance and can be consumed either in pieces or in powder form. Making it into a paste and applying it on inflamed parts of the skin can reduce it soon. The basic Ayurvedic medicinal therapies are based on the mixture of honey and turmeric.

Honey also acts as a defense against cold and asthma. Apart from this, it can reduce high blood pressure and normalize blood sugar level. Honey could also be consumed to cure certain heart diseases and wounds. If the skin gets burnt and there is no medicine at hand, honey can substitute to provide immediate relief.

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Honey And Turmeric Combination

TurmericForHealth shows that honey and turmeric together work to increase and stimulate the immunity of the body against basic diseases. The bacterial and fungal actions on skin or the insides can also be prevented by consuming the two on a daily basis. It also makes the skin supple and soft and prevents untimely wrinkles and acne on the face.

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Turmeric and honey can be consumed raw by cutting slices of turmeric, dipped in honey or one could also make a paste for application. A spoon of natural turmeric powder, mixed with some raw honey and a few drops of essential oils helps make a brilliant paste that acts as a skin lightener and cleanser. It also moisturizes the skin and prevents unwanted boils to come up due to bacterial accumulation on the skin. The paste can be consumed twice a day to fight against common cold or flu. Just a teaspoon of the mixture would work wonders, but it should be consumed daily.

If you like this article, then start using honey and turmeric and also share this article with your friends and family and spread health and happiness.

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