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This Pisces Season, It’s Time To Face Your Flaws

By Souls of Silver

On the 18th of February, the Sun will come into transit with Pisces. Pisces is the last zodiac sign and it will bring us closure in our life. Now, if we look back, we will come to realize how far we have traveled and whether we have actually escaped from what troubled us all the time. Pisces is represented as the 12th sign in our Zodiac. It is symbolically represented by two fish trying to go in the opposite direction, but facing each other. It represents your inability to escape. You have to face whatever you have been running away from. There is no escape.

A Turbulent Past

January had been a bit intense. It must have been challenging but these challenges are necessary to clear our mind and make us understand what we need to do with our dreams and ambitions. Aquarius had shifted our mind from the emotional self to a more logical self. This is terrible for the emotional Pisces and during this time, they probably felt like a fish out of water. We had put our personal development in the forefront and our emotional needs took a back seat. Love was not our intention. Sometimes, it is necessary for us to realign ourselves with logic so as to become more independent. During this time, we might have to find a different channel for our emotions, and that is fine. We can always cry it out if necessary. After all, the beginning of the year which brought the energy of Aquarius was all about refocusing and bringing a change.

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When the Sun enters Pisces, we will come to the realization that we cannot escape a situation, however uncomfortable it might turn out to be. We need to confront whatever is coming towards us. If you think that you can shut your eyes and move forward, then you will be wrong. Since Mercury is present in the sign of the fish, you will be coming back to the same sign that you were escaping from.

Mercury’s Difficult Time

Mercury is a logical planet and it moves fast. But when it is going through the dreamy Pisces, it finds itself out of place. It is in one of its detriment positions. As a result, Mercury will be acting like a person who is emotionally unavailable but has suddenly fallen in love. They will hate themselves and the romantic environment that love brings. Mercury will try to process its current position as it surges through Pisces. But, while it might be in detriment, we must understand that everything happens for a reason. During this period, you can heal and develop the building blocks to move forward in life. We will be able to process how our lives were in the past and how things have happened. We will be able to assess our own position and change our lives accordingly. This reassessment was not possible last year when we were too busy facing all the different cosmic events taking place in close successions.

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But now the fish is here and it is on our side. During the Pisces season, we will be facing everything anew, but with the energy of the Pisces season, we will be able to tackle them. We will process our old wounds and solely heal ourselves. It is time to restart our lives. We just need to accept the Pisces energy in our lives and let it become a part of us. Only then can we grow through it.

Let the season of Pisces develop your inner strength and heal you completely. Accept the energy and be one with it.

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