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A Guide To The Most Effective Meditations For This Pisces Season

By Souls of Silver

The Pisces season has commenced from the evening of 18th February. Pisces is a bit dreamy and it can get emotional. It charges your intuition and makes you a lot more emotional than usual. You need to relax and make sure that this season does not bring you down. That’s the reason why we need to meditate. Pisces season can go well if we follow certain guided meditation techniques.

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These are some of the videos that will help you go through the Pisces season without any problem:

1. A Meditation For Pisces Energies

A bit of music is always going to be relaxing. This is a guided meditation which is accompanied by soothing music that will flow through you. You can feel the music as your mind is relaxed and relieved of all tension. It will also help you focus. The best part is that this is just an 11-minute meditation, so if you are having a busy day, then you can just take a little time off and enter into your meditative state then and there. Your lost energy will be recharged.

2. Meditation To Bring Back Emotional Healing, Harmony, And Inner Peace

Pisces season will be full of emotional swings that can make you feel like you are going down. There will be too many blocks and you can’t deal with it properly. That’s the reason this meditation is going to help you. If you carry fears and anxieties that is really affecting the way you lead your day, then this is the meditation which will bring back a bit of peace in your life. ‘Let Go’ will become your mantra.

3. Release Your Energy Mantra

The Pisces season is bringing a lot of feelings within you and it can get a bit difficult to deal with so many emotions. But it will be great if you want to release them. This Pisces season, take the help of this mediation to make the releasing smooth. Make it happen in such a way that you come out stronger than before.

4. Manifesting Yourself Meditation

While you are going through the Pisces season, this will be the best kind of meditation that you can perform. This is tailored just for the Piscean energy. It will make you feel like you are walking down the garden of complete abundance, the rain of wealth is pelting on the road, and you are slowly entering waters of creation. It’s the best time to bring out your dreams so why not go for it, right now? Perform this mediation for best results.

5. Energy Healing Ascension – Meditation For Water Signs

If you are one of the Water signs, that is Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, then this is the meditation is just for you. However, any other sign can use it too. Water signs generally have to deal with a lot of emotions and this meditation for the Pisces season is designed in such a way that you can understand your emotions and get past it. It will also help you to remain composed during the times you are not meditating.

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6. Raising Your Vibe Meditation

Since Pisces is the time when you can go inward, you can start reflecting on yourself a bit more. Your emotions may be on a turbulent phase, but that is because they need to be recognized. You have to focus on your emotions and learn more about them. Try to understand yourself better before the Aries season comes up.

7. Evening Reflection Unwind Meditation

Since Pisces season will be messing with your emotions, you will have some trouble falling asleep. That’s the reason to go for this short meditation during this Pisces season. It will help you to replenish your energy and will put you to a peaceful sleep.

Pisces season may be difficult, but by performing these guided meditations, you can definitely get through it just fine. Just keep yourself steady and make the most of it.

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