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Ayurvedic Self-Care: Get Healthy In 10 Minutes

By Souls of Silver

A healthy person is someone who has achieved a total harmony of body, mind, and soul. For Ayurvedic self-care practitioners, the chief goal is to restore this harmony. This ancient holistic system of healing is no joke. Ayurveda has been identified by the World Health Organization as a recommended practice and thousands of people in India and beyond rely on it. Ayurvedic philosophy believes that the universe is interconnected and its energy is spread throughout.

The Three Bio-regulators

The main problems of our body are due to bio-regulators. So, Ayurveda has the solution. They have divided our bio-regulators into three dosha – ‘kapha’, ‘vata’, and ‘pitta’. Kapha tries to keep the body strong, vatta helps in breathing, and pitta regulates metabolism. If their functions can be aligned, we can be in perfect health.

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This 10-minute of ayurvedic self-care routine can bring harmony back to your body:-

6 Minutes Of Morning Care

Cleaning Your Tongue For 30 Seconds

For proper oral hygiene, brushing our teeth would not do. After we brush our teeth, residual plaque remains on the tongue. Remove it with a tongue cleaner, a blunt knife, or a brush. Since the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder remove toxins from our body, some of the toxins are produced by our tongue too. It blocks the energy from flowing properly so remove them every morning for a fresh burst of energy.

2 Minutes Of Rinsing With Sesame Oil

After brushing and cleaning your tongue, take a spoon of sesame oil and rinse your mouth for two minutes. Rich in linoleum, sesame oil fights off bacteria, fungi, and viruses and keep away tooth decay and plaque. Once cleaned, spit the sesame oil out and rinse your mouth again with warm water. Ayurvedic self-care routine takes your oral hygiene quite seriously.

Massage Yourself For 3 Minutes

Items you need:

Raw silk or a soft brush


Become your own masseuse and massage your body properly giving every part a good 10-20 hard rubs. Start with the neck and back, and then move down, to your shoulders till your reach your hands, palms, and fingers. Massage your upper chest with a horizontal motion of your hands. Slowly move down to your stomach, massaging it left to right and top to bottom. As you go down further, take special care of your thighs rubbing it outside and then inside. If you are satisfied, move down to your knees and then to your feet, massaging the entire area in a circular fashion. As ayurvedic self-care practitioners claim, massaging gets more amount of blood flowing through your body. Improved circulation means more energy. Each internal organ of our body is connected to the skin. So, this is a self-care technique necessary for our body.

Daytime Care For 2 Minutes.

Drinking Hot Water – Time Taken: 30 Seconds.

Take half a liter of water and boil it for 12-15 minutes. Keep it warm and safe in the thermos. Make sure that you take three sips from it every half an hour. Warm water boosts your digestion, releases toxins faster, and helps energy to flow through your body.

2 Minutes To Breathe And Relax

Breathe in through your nose, let the air stay in for a couple of seconds and then let it go through your nose again. Relax – there are no worries in the world. If your mind keeps coming up with grim situations, just think of a calm beach, a lovely forest. Perhaps a mountain top. Let your worries melt. Anger and hate results in diseases of different organs – you don’t want that. When we breathe in and relax, our brain produces happy hormones called endorphins. Be satisfied with whatever you have. A little of practice of this ayurvedic self-care technique and you can start being happy!

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A 2-minute Self-care For The Evening

Helping Your Digestion For Better Dreams Within 2 Minutes

Take a bit of sesame oil and heat it. Pour it on your stomach and massage it slowly with gentle circular motions using your whole palm. Once done, pour warm water on a towel and put the soaked towel on your stomach. Wait till it becomes cold and then, wipe your stomach. As a result, it will stimulate your stomach and intestine and help in better digestion. Insomnia and bad dreams are a product of digestive problems – now you can say goodbye to them.

The ancient world knew a lot about the mind and body better than we do. Charge your body and replenish your energy with this small self-care routine.

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