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Erasing Family Karma: Is Your Family Cursed?

By Souls of Silver

All of us come down from a long line of ancestors whose blood we carry in our veins. It shapes our characteristics, looks, and even the way we see the world. But there’s something more that comes down to us from our family. If we have spiritually burdened parents or belong to a family which carries an ancestral burden, then we become part of it too, born into it. It is our family karma – a part of who we are, if we choose to be so.

Family Karma

The karma of your family and your bloodline is called the family karma. If you have spiritually developed parents, then you hold a double karmic burden because of them. How does it work? In terms of karma, if someone cursed your family, that spiritual burden continues throughout the family. It is especially true if you are someone who belongs to the Catholic faith. Since Catholicism demeaned and criticized animist practices and witches, many of them have cursed thousands of Catholic families.

But it is not limited to them alone. Many sorceresses in Egypt has cursed families out of jealousy. But spirituality works in a weird way. It could be that the same sorceress that cursed you is one of your parents. Or if you have been murdered in one of your past lives, one of your current parents was the murderer. For transformation, you need to face your enemy, be firm in love for them, and grow spiritually. That’s the beauty of karmic harmony.

Family Patterns

You can identify family patterns easily when you have a spiritual burden. If your grandma was too mild and people used her, then your grandma might have gone into smoking and alcoholism.  Your mother will follow the same theme and will be more inclined to sacrifice for others and eventually end up drinking and smoking. As an adult, you will develop this tendency towards alcoholism – becoming a part of the pattern.

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Traits of a carrier

In your family, you feel like you are the most developed on your spiritual side and the most conscious

Illnesses, family patterns, and addictions coming down from your parents become your problem too

You were distant as a child different from your family

Sickness stayed with you like a huge burden to carry around

You attend workshops for spiritual healing. There is a driving need to get rid of your energy blocks. You know that you are a carrier subconsciously, even though you cannot put it across to your conscious mind.

Family matters trap you but if you try to put forward your opinion, your family are criticizes and challenges it. You have concluded that your family is unmindful.

When you go for past life regression sessions, you will find that in your past lives, there have been many occasions when you interacted with your family members. You have been a transformer a couple of times in many of your past lives too.

You were misunderstood and left alone, but your rootedness in love has not swayed. However dark the situation turns out to be, you still hold your eyes to the light.

You can see family patterns in your family, especially your parents and you have become a part of it. You know that you can transform them once you set your mind towards it.

Cutting the cords

You are tired of being different, of carrying the burden, and now you want to let go. Look inside, take a resolution to relieve the burden from your emotions and your soul. When you take responsibility for your life, only then will you be able to move ahead, leaving your ancestral burden behind you. Learn to say ‘no’ to your family. They may have shaped you, but they are not the same as you, you are a transformer. They love you but if they have failed, forgive them – learn to let go. You were a victim of your parent’s burden – you believed everything was perfect, but now you have grown up. You have understood the spiritual burden that your family carries. It’s time to break out of it.

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How to transform the patterns in your family?

Spiritual sessions will reveal to you the karma of your family and themes of past lives. It’s like a DNA pattern that will show you the light and dark characters that you have inherited from your parents. You have to let it go. For a pure purge it requires a healer– someone who knows about the dark curses and can release the energy blockages.

First, you need to identify that you are a carrier. If you are a carrier, you will experience some bodily troubles: back problems, aching tailbone, pain around the uterus and even fatigue. Take a step out – be released. Become your own master. Know that you are a carrier and tell that you will release the burden from your family by removing the burdened cords. Take one step at a time and become a transformer of your family. You know you have the potential.

It is difficult but be powerful enough to do the work. Take a step, become the One to purge your family of the spiritual burden. Transform their lives, and yours too!

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