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What Is Fairy Bloodline: Are You A Fairy Child?

By Souls of Silver

These 13 Signs Prove That You Have A Fairy Bloodline

We have heard about fairies – the winged, magical creatures that roam the night and infuse magic into our lives. But the Celtic folklore talks about a different kind of fairies and their fairy bloodline. They believed that there were specific members of the royal family who possessed fairy blood. They were in higher status and they had two tasks: protect their unique blood and help humankind. Therefore, they must have done something to pass on their fairy bloodline, right? In Celtic folklore, these fairies could pass themselves off as humans and they were mortal too. They traveled and fell in love.

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In other words, they had children from human mothers – an ‘ethereal’ baby. These bloodlines continued for ages and there are still people with fairy bloodline who see the world differently than normal people. These 13 signs can show you if you belong to the fairy bloodline or not:

1. You loved folk tales and religious stories

Most of us love folk tales. As children, we listened to them, read them and learn how to shape our lives according to them. But for a few of us, folk tales were a special experience. We were drawn towards the magic in it. We rode the dragons, and went for adventures in hidden forests. Even if it was against our beliefs, we would experiment to know more. We come to know that religion and folk tales fascinates us more than anything.

2. You have a lower body temperature than others

People will tell you that you are colder than them. You can feel their warmth when you touch their arms. It’s not something to be worried about. A person who has come down from a fairy bloodline operates at lower body temperature than others. While people can feel that you are colder than them, it doesn’t sting them. Touch them, and they will feel a comfort spreading through their mind.

3. You can hear white noise every time

There’s always a kind of noise in your ears. It’s not like a familiar ringing sensation – rather, it a kind of feeling that you have inside your ear. When you are having one of your premonitions, this white noise increases as if something is going to happen soon. It is a blessing of your fairy ancestor.

4. You have magical powers in your eyes

You may not know it already, but you have heard people say it – your eyes seem magical. They are drawn towards it – it acts like a spell. Whenever you want to win someone over, you can just cast your glance in their eyes and look deep – the spell is cast. The enchanted party would be taken over. It comes to you naturally – a part of your fairy bloodline.

5. You want to heal the world

You have a deep desire to help the world, to heal the wounds of the people around you and beyond. As a result, you may have already opted for fields like doctors, massage therapist, chiropractor or something in healthcare.

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6. Your sleep patterns cannot find a middle ground

Your sleep pattern is quite strange. You might be tired all the time, dropping off to sleep once your head hits the pillow. Or else, you might be battling with insomnia and not getting a wink of sleep. But you can still find immense energy to go throughout the day for yourself and for others around you.

7. You had invisible friends when you were a child

As you were growing up, you had many friends whom your parents couldn’t spot anywhere. But even though you grew up, those friends stayed as real as you are now. They were your spiritual buddies and you love the relationship you shared with them. It was as genuine as it could get.

8. You are sensitive to electromagnetic fields

When you are around Wi-Fi routers or cell phones, you feel all the frequencies that they are emitting. It doesn’t have a positive effect on you. You have headaches and stress. Sometimes you might feel bumps and itches on parts of your body.

9. You know something is different about your family life

You don’t seem to fit in your family. Something seems ‘off’ even though you can’t really tell what that is. You feel like you are ‘adopted’. Your origin is unknown.

10. You love music

You are in touch with music. Anything related to songs or music arouses your interest – be it musical instruments, a music system or a Jazz CD. You love singing and dancing. Because inside, you know music is the language of the soul.

11. You have been referred to as unique

You have a uniqueness, and your friends have acknowledged that. It makes you attractive to them. Because of your comforting personality, your friends call you ‘special’.

12. You are one with the calm around you

Nature is calming. You feel the soothing music of the water and wind, the laughter of animals and the birds in the sky. You often surround yourself with nature to recharge and reflect.

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13. You feel like you don’t belong here

You have tried hard to connect with people, to find somebody special, but you have always been disappointed. It almost feels like you don’t belong to this world. As a result, you often keep yourself at a distance from people. But still you hope to travel someday to find the place best suited for you.

If you often feel out of touch with the world around you, don’t worry. You have descended from a rare fairy bloodline – you’re special. Rejoice, travel and spread your fairy comfort in the world. Because you know the world needs it as much as you do.

If you believe you have a fairy bloodline running through your veins, share this with your friends and surprise them!



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