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Taurus Season: Bring Change In Your Routine Lifestyle

By Souls of Silver

On 20th April, we begin the Taurus season. It is crucial this year because Uranus has entered the Taurus sign. All the material things can be characterized by the earth sign of Taurus. While Aries plants the seed, Taurus provides the energetic environment it is in. It signifies the soil that either helps or hinders the germination of the seed. The energy field of Taurus wants us to be safe. It is about searching for a stable ground and a fixed pattern. Taurus is the representative of any structure and order, which will help us embrace constancy.

Reflections And Routine

While many people may think that routine is lethal, the sense of stability is something that we all wish to achieve. You will reflect upon your actions, distinguishing between the impulse to fill an emotional vacuum or taking a step towards your desired goal. Use the Taurus energy to be more attentive towards your surroundings and embrace growth. Often in life, we do not pay heed to the world around us, and more so in the technological era we all live in. Do you find peace and beauty or do you see chaos and pain?

Introspection And Growth Go Hand In Hand

This Taurus Season will also make you introspect and you will see your negative traits. Ask yourself the unsettling questions and you will find answers that will change your life for the better. Here are a few to begin with: do you feel complete? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Is this the life you want? Do you feel a sense of positive growth? Start with a brand-new work routine and a healthy diet plan. Discipline is something that you must start practicing or else every plan shall fail.

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The change may not be rapid and you may have to be patient, but the outcome will be worth it. All good things take time, you see! You will find yourself falling back into the pit of unproductivity that leads to stagnation. Only you can pull yourself back.

Uranus Action In Taurus Season

The week of April 22 is important as Uranus will be in action. You might want to be careful with your words and actions. Uranus will stay in Taurus until 2026, so this is just the beginning. The time will lead to prosperity if you mold it in your own way.

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Change is championed by Uranus while Taurus stands for routine. We are blessed that the Universe has brought these two forces together. Innovation is the key to success. You have to strike a balance so that your life doesn’t feel like a roller coaster ride. It won’t be easy and you may want to give up, but remember what your goal is and keep hustling.

Be mindful and spontaneous. Explore new avenues and try different perspectives until you find one that suits your needs. The aim is to stay focused and not to lose hope.

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