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Self-love: Is It The Key To Your Inner Self?

By Souls of Silver

People across the globe have been waking up to the need for self-love for quite some time now. But for most, the concept remains as elusive as ever and leaves several doubts.

Have you not asked yourself what distinguishes loving oneself from downright selfishness? If we keep listening to every desire of ours without considering the effects it might have on others, how is it a healthy practice?

Here is your answer. Self-love has nothing to do with narrow self-serving actions that cause harm to others. Instead, it is the highest form of love that brings us closer to discovering our Higher Selves.

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When You Let Go Off Ego

Our inner selves are in essence, the state of consciousness when our auras produce the highest of vibrations. They are the seat of the purest of emotions, being in harmony with the frequency of the universe. It holds the blueprint of the karmic destiny our soul is supposed to fulfill, for the highest good of our own and that of humanity.

Self-love helps you realize that your soul has two aspects; the ego-based one which produces thousand fleeting desires every second is a mere mask. It is your sense of self designed by social norms, which dictates the goals you need to pursue, the money and success without which you are nothing.

Loving yourself allows you to break free of this mask society expects you to put up and dig deep into the deepest dreams hidden in your heart.

Discover Your Life’s Purpose

The more sensitive among us have sometime or the other asked themselves if materialistic goals are all that we can achieve or if we are meant to fulfil anything more meaningful in life.

Self-love is the key to this secret purpose of ours, the true will of our soul which is detached from the expectation of results, unlike the ego-based ones.

Once we have discovered this purpose, our life journey becomes easier, free of doubts and fears of failure.

We come in tune with our higher selves, and learn to trust that every hurdle is an opportunity to grow and evolve into a soul with the purest vibration, and leave the unique imprint in the world that we are meant for.

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The Balance

It is self-love which helps us strike the right balance, reconcile our ego and our soul, the mind and the heart, our actions and our dreams, our present and future, and unique individual needs and the demands of the world.

It is the only path to peace and happiness in this competitive age which refuses to celebrate diversity and is in disarray.

Accepting Oneself

The password to this deepest mystery of our soul is self-acceptance. Let go of the baggage of low self-esteem, acknowledge the beautiful and unique human being that you are and embrace yourself with unconditional love.

As we wash away the layers of self-hatred that cloud our attitudes to life with love, the universe sends us the abundance of bliss and confidence that our Higher Self stands for.

So, love yourself fiercely and unconditionally today and discover the great soul hidden in you. Tap into the infinite powers of your Higher Self now and lead the world to a better future.



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