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11 Things To Keep In Mind If You Want Happiness In Life

By Souls of Silver

In our relentless struggle for a better future, we lose out on the present moment. But in the age of instant noodles, why settle for less than instant happiness?

Here, we bring you 11 pieces of golden advice, shared by the spiritual masters of lore, that the will give you precisely that.

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1. Do Not Run Away

Many of us dream of a smooth life, running away when obstacles arise and questioning our fate. But life is not meant for escape, for every challenge that the universe brings our way is meant for our spiritual growth.

2. Do Not Judge People

The world is made up of diverse people and everyone lives their unique life-journeys. Learn to accept people as they are.

Being judgemental only narrows our own horizons. Keep an open mind and it will help you focus better on your own spiritual growth and happiness. That your friends will find it easy to get along with you, is an added benefit.

3. Live In The Present

You might make infinite plans for the future but the truth is that the future is beyond your control. So let go and live in the present moment. Look forward to discovering what destiny has in store for you.

4. Change Is The Only Constant

It is the unshakeable law of nature. Every moment, the cells in our body are undergoing tremendous change and that is what keeps us alive. The best way to deal with it is to embrace the change that comes with an open mind. When you open yourself to a new experience, you help yourself evolve.

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5. Actions Matter, Not Thoughts

Your thoughts are an important part of your identity. But they are not everything. Irrespective of the way you think, the thoughts you put into action are the ones that matter in the long run.

6. Emotions Make Us Partial

The whole picture is a myth. Because even when we consider ourselves to be neutral, our mind and heart are bound to believe certain things more than others.

7. Prepare To Hold On

Giving up is the easiest thing to do. If you want to succeed, prepare to fail at first attempts. Because, if we do not fail, we do not get to grow better and enjoy the success that follows it.

8. Do Not Let Others Define You

You are a unique being with your own dreams and purpose to fulfil in life. So, do not let others enjoy the power to define who you are for you. That right is yours alone.

9. Never Stop Learning

We all have been born into this world to learn and grow. So, learn something new every hour and never lose the joy of exploring. This is what keeps us alive and helps us to experience the bliss that life has to offer.

10. Move At Your Own Pace

The right time is not the same for everyone no matter what people may tell you. So, keep calm and do not rush into decisions. Trust the universe for when your time arrives, things will fall in place.

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11. Do Not Let Yourself Be Used

You have every right to respect yourself. Be grateful to others and value their wisdom. But do not let anyone use you for their benefit.

Make these epiphanies the motto of your life, and see your emotions change overnight. You are just 11 steps away from a lifetime of happiness!



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