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Leo Lunar Eclipses- Know What August 2018 Has In Store For You

By Souls of Silver

August this year presents one of the most interesting skies to astrology enthusiasts. Not only is a solar eclipse due tomorrow but we are also in for the ultra-romantic Pisces Full Moon. It is, not surprisingly, also a month of great opportunities to spirituality-seekers and those wishing to turn a new leaf in their lives.

Message Of Love From the Leo Eclipse

On August 11, we get the final eclipse of this year, a solar one when the Sun is stationed at the House of Leo. This zodiac is a force of fierce love. So bring in the abundance of love this eclipse, spending time with your loved ones. Focus on the passions of your heart. Feel the creative and joyous energies brought in by the Sun.

The sign of the lion is known for its charisma and majesty. No wonder, your desires to become a celebrity will run high. The spotlight will fare you well. Adoration is bound to make you more creative, productive and happy.

You might want to work on your sociability factor too. Be warm and kind to people; you are going to be easy to get along and your company is going to be sought after. Creativity is up for a major boost in our lives.

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Look Back With The Mercury In Retrograde

The Sun’s neighbour in this eclipse is none other than Mercury in retrograde. What better, they stand aligned, so be prepared for some flashbacks in life.

Probably a relationship trouble or issue with family or looking back at an old flame. Chances of holding on to optimism seem bleak but are important. Be kind and compassionate and let the moment pass.

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Go Easy With Jupiter in Scorpio

Standing three signs away in a square formation to the Sun, is Jupiter in Scorpio. Lord of magnification, Jupiter is bound to enhance the impact of the eclipse, be it for better or worse. You will find it difficult to strike a balance and be prepared for some slothful days when you just don’t want to get out of bed.

Take Charge With Pluto

He may not be a planet anymore but he still is the lord of command. Locked in a quincunx with the Sun, Pluto from its temporary residence in Capricorn, will definitely try to influence events. Your desire to dominate and control events and people might run to extremes. Ego-clashes are imminent.

An open-minded attitude will help things settle down quickly otherwise the chances of messing up are very high.

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Discover Your Soul This Full Moon

If the solar dynamic was active enough, the lunar energies too are at an all-time high with the Blood Moon having passed in late July. Adding to that is the Full Moon at Pisces, all set to arrive on August 26th.

Full Moons lord over emotions and Pisces, being a water sign only enhances our sensitivities. Mars is still going to be in retrograde, so that would not help lower the sentimentality either.But these feelings are going to be ours alone. You will not let others get a drift of your turmoil.

However, this Full Moon is also going to unlock the doors of your soul too. You will feel empathy for others from the depth of your heart.

Pisces is the final zodiac and the Full Moon is a symbol of endings, so end of August should help you reach closure with issues disturbing you for quite some time. You need only follow your intuitions.

Hope and clarity on your desires seem likely, ushered in by the Moon’s sextile with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, both in transit mode.

So, this Full Moon, let the bad chapters end and the gateway of your soul open. The Leo Lunar Eclipse is waiting at your door with abundance of love and creativity.



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