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Crown Chakra: Clear The Path At The Top

By Souls Of Silver

The number seven chakra is the crown chakra. Its location is right at the top of one’s head. The chakra enables access to the higher consciousness because one opens up to what lies beyond individual visions and preoccupations. Consciousness drives the seventh chakra and leads us to a better connection with the universe.

Meaning Of The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is also known as shunnya, sahasrara, and niralambapuri. “Sahasrara”, which is the Sanskrit word for it, means “a thousand petals”.

White is the most common color used to represent the crown chakra but a deep shade of purple can also depict it. The color of the aura of the crown chakra can be clear light, white, or gold.

A circle and an image of thousand petals make up the symbol of the seventh chakra. White is the dominant color in the symbol while its petals have multiple colors akin to a rainbow. The symbol is comparable to what a full moon looks like.

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Location Of The Crown Chakra

crown chakra
Crown Chakra

The most common location of the crown chakra is right at the top of one’s head or a little bit above one’s head. It is similar to a crown, growing upwards, which gives it the name.

The seventh chakra has an association with the pituitary primarily and the hypothalamus and the pineal gland secondarily. The pituitary gland and the hypothalamus maintain the endocrine system by working together. The Seventh chakra has a close connection to the entire nervous system and the brain because of the location.

As far as energies are concerned, the first chakra is connected with the crown chakra because of its location at the extremes of the system.

Meaning Of The Chakra

There are several behavioral and psychological characteristics involved with the seventh chakra. They include consciousness, increasing the relationship with the one that has no form, realizing limiting patterns, increasing bliss, and enhancing presence.

The seventh chakra has a connection with transcending our limitations, regardless of their nature being personal or universal. The crown chakra is the place at which paradoxes become normal, and opposites become one. The nature of awareness which is associated with the chakra is transcendent and universal.

Immersion in the crown chakra’s energy brings a blissful union involving all existence. As such, the chakra enables accessing the most enlightened wisdom and pristine clarity. Some think of the chakra as a path to the self that is beyond the worldly, linking one consciousness to the universal.

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Imbalances in the seventh chakra can cause various distressing symptoms. These include feeling a disconnection from the spirit and being constantly cynical of the sacred. Furthermore, a crown chakra that is overactive can cause one to feel disconnected from one’s physical body.

An individual can then realize that they are living in their minds only, with no connection with their earthly bodies or matters. It can also cause an obsession with spiritual matters. Finally, generally being close-minded is an indicator of the crown chakra being imbalanced.

Healing The Seventh Chakra

Meditation is the key to recovering an imbalanced crown chakra which is especially effective because of its connection with spirituality. Providing wholesome nourishment for the body with healthy foods can also help with the process. Furthermore, silence is a well-known method that helps with chakra activation.

Crown Chakra

Most yoga poses are beneficial for the cause because yoga fundamentally works on meditation and it helps to keep one calm and peaceful. Chakra stones like Amethyst, Diamond, Clear Quartz, and Selenite are also helpful ways of healing the chakra. The elements associated with the seventh chakra are light and thought. As such, basking in the sun or reading outside are excellent methods.



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